''Vertically Challenged & Tabata-ackie'' (05.04.2012)

Welcome Home, Marine.

Warm-up Drills (05.04.2012)
Speed Rope 2:00 (Cumulative)
2 Rounds for Quality of
20ft Bear Crawl
20ft Crab Walk
20ft Standing Broad Jumps (No Pause)
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Scorpion Stretch
*Box Jump technique review
**20ft is pole to pole the long way inside the room

''Vertically Challenged'' (05.04.2012)
With a 12:00 Running clock begin practicing single reps of box jumps beginning with your personal current 'standard' as the initial height before working up to a confident maximum vertical box jump PR (we will be using bumpers stacked on top of boxes for our height increases).
After warming up execute no more than 7 true attempts, hit or miss.

Box Jump 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Notes: Raj, don't punch the box. Psycho.
A great way to scale this movement into a simpler or potentially safer jump test (depending on the athlete) would be to mark maximum overhead reach on our black iron stanchions with a bit of chalk. Warm-up with a few sets of low box jumps, bounds, or other jump variants before chalking up the hands and working through as many max jump attempts as needed. Chalk for jumping is madness, you say? It's actually an easy way to leave a mark with a loud hand 'slap' during the apex of a jump. Measure the distance between the starting point and the best jump attempt's mark to determine an initial vertical capacity score.
Get some, freaks.

''Tabata-ackie'' (05.04.2012)
8 Rounds of (:20 on x :10 Rest)
Row x Max Meters
8 Rounds of (:20 on x :10 Rest) for each of the following movements:
Thrusters (65/45lbs)

Notes: There are 16 total 'Tabata' intervals of work between the Thrusters and Pull-ups. Athletes that need to scale Pull-ups will do all 8 Thruster intervals first, followed by all 8 Pull-up intervals. Those with a confident enough set-up are encouraged to attempt the 'Mash-up' Version, which alternates back and forth between Thrusters and Pull-ups each round as seen below.
:20 x Thrusters
:10 Rest
:20 x Pull-ups
:10 Rest
:20 x Thrusters
:10 Rest
:20 x Pull-ups
Continue for 8 Rounds of Thrusters and 8 Rounds of Pull-ups total.
Dumbbells also add a challenging twist to this workload, ensure you use a weight that's comparable to the 65/45lb guidelines (barbells); emphasis with this thruster isn't necessarily the weight as much as transition, technique, competency, and moving the load as fast as possible from point A to point B (under control). All weights must come back to the deck under control, no drops.
And yes, the phonetic pun in the title was absolutely intended.

Post total meters as well as high and low numbers for each movement to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (05.04.2012)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
4 Rounds of (5 min x 3 min rest)

Post distances to comments.


Anonymous said...

Is Marcus too good to post scores nowadays?

thammond18 said...

vert box jump...44''
Tabata-ackie...766m. 6/6, 6/6

Anonymous said...

Can we request a urine spec. from your athletes that score > 40" on box jump?

95% of NFL players cant hit 44".

Rookie camp in Foxboro is opening soon.

Anonymous said...

Vertical box jump 39"
Tabata-ackie 750m 7-4/6-3
Mike V.

Anonymous said...

Box jump 34"
Tabata-ackie 604m, 7/5, 5/3
red band


Morgan said...

I slept in today and it was glorious.

Doing this tomorrow probly.

thammond18 said...

96% of NFL players are not Crossfitters...you do the math. That just happened.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if he made it to the NFL. But he's in the 99%

Alison said...

Box Jump 16"

Anonymous said...

box jump 48"
10/7 thrusters
8/5 pull ups


Peter said...
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Peter said...

Vertically Challenged:
Box Jump: 36"
Vertical Leap: 17.5"

Row: 695m
Thruster/Pullup mash: 6-3/9-6

Mtn Rob said...

vert jump 26"

tabata row 595m 10/6, 7/5

Jay said...

Vertical Jump 40"
Tabata row 1037 m
8/6, 7/6


0 said...

Box Jump 48"
Tabata-ackie [10/7][7/5]

DB Thrusters & DH Pull-ups

Anonymous said...

To mr nfl guy

The nfl athletes are doing vertical jump, box jumps are a lot different. Compare apples to apples not apples to oranges

The Credible Hulk said...

Vertical Box Jump

Tabata-ackie 35# db thrusters
873m 9-7/11-9

No NFL for me :(

Anonymous said...

vert box jump...28''
Tabata-ackie...689m. 9/7, 5/5