''Back Squats 3-3-3+ and WAG Bag'' (11.30.2010)

Warm-up Drills (11.30.2010)
Run 800m
9 Fundamentals x 7 reps each (PVC)
-Sumo Squats
-Shoulder Opening Drill (Band)
-ITB Stretch

''Back Squats 3-3-3+'' (11.30.2010)
Work through the following sets of Back Squats using the percentages outlined below. Novice level lifters should multiply their single repetition Back Squat maximum by .9 and use the resulting number to determining loads. On the last set the '+' means athletes may attempt to exceed the prescribed number of repetitions if possible.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 50% (warm-up)
3 x 60% (warm-up)
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
3+ x 90%

Post loads to comments.

''WAG Bag'' (11.30.2010)
Complete the following for time
1000m Row
30 x Ring Dips
30 x Pull-ups
20 x Ring Dips
20 x Pull-ups
10 x Ring Dips
10 x Pull-ups

Notes: Wearing a weight vest might be a good idea if you're feeling frisky today... it's also a bonus if you happen to be preparing for the hell on the horizon. Yes, that's a hint.

Post times to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (11.30.2010)

Swim: 10 x 100m/y holding fastest possible pace without deviating more than :05 sec… :15 sec recoveries
Bike: 4 x 2 mile hill repeats, holding fastest possible pace and not deviating more than 1 min per repeat. Recoveries are how long it takes you to come down the hill.
Run: 2 x 3/4 – 1 mile hill repeats holding fastest possible pace without deviating more than 1 minute and recovering 1 min before descending hill easy. Repeat after 1 min recovery at bottom of hill… treadmills use 7% grade, recover 2 min and repeat
C2: 3 x 1k repeats not deviating more than 10 seconds. 2 min recoveries

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mtn rob said...

wag bag 12:02

Anonymous said...

''Back Squats 3-3-3+''

''WAG Bag''

SRD said...

Back Squats

''WAG Bag''

Got so excited when ''Paint it Black'' came on that I forgot to wear the damn vest. Stupid gnomes.


Anonymous said...

Which time, that tune was on all morning!

Matt L said...

Back Squats

"WAG Bag"

this workout proved to me that looks are deceiving.

Peter said...

Heavy Back Squats 3-3-3

Wag Bag

"Paint it Black" is good.

Anonymous said...

Heavy back squats 235x3 255x10. wag bag.18:40 w/20# vest. Dips were very slow. Danny

FoGLe said...

Heavy back squats
185x3 205x3 225x6

Colby said...

Back Squats:

Wag Bag:

Anonymous said...

Back squats
155/ 185/ 205

Wag bag 12:10

Kristina said...

Back Squats
110/125/140 (5)

Wag Bag