''Hardship Duty & Guts'' (04.12.2011)

Warm-up Drills (04.12.2011)
Run 800m
''Burgener Drill'' (2Rnds/PVC)
2 Rounds of
8 x Burpee Jumping Pull-ups
12 x Turkish Get-ups (alt.sides)
-Scorpion/Chest Stretch
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Shoulder Opening Drill (wall)

''Hardship Duty'' (04.12.2011)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of
Row 250m
Max Unbroken Reps x Wallball (20/14lbs)
Max Unbroken Reps x KB Swings (32/24kg)

Post total rounds/reps to comments.

''Guts'' (04.12.2011)
Complete for time
21-18-15-12-9-6 reps each of
GHD Sit-ups
Slamball (20lbs)

Post times to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (04.12.2011)
8 Rounds of (:20 x :10rest)
Swim: Use pool or open water
Bike: Use a Monarch ERG, stationary bike with wattage tool or something similar that can hold a load of 200+ watts
Run: Use a treadmill, set at 12% grade at 0-30 sec slower pace per mile than best 5k pace.
C2: Damper Setting 8-10

Post distances to comments.


Laura said...

Hardship duty: 12-16/23-12/17-8/15-12/+165m
Guts: 8:55

Colby said...

Hardship duty: 15-10/10-6/8-8/10-6/4-6
guts: 9:59

Lee said...

Hardship Duty: 19-5/14-7/14-7/10-5/8-3

Chris Tansey said...

Hardship Duty:12-14/11-12/7-12/10-10/7
Guts: 15

0 said...

Air Force PFT
1 minute x Push-ups: 37 (EPIC FAIL)
1 minute x Sit-ups: 60 (MAX)
1.5 Mile Run: 9:51

Now its time for Hardship Duty & Guts


0 said...

Hardship Duty: 16-17/16-14/17-15/11-12/ + 200m

(Modified for the Fortress of Solitude. Hang Power Cleans @ 95# instead of KB Swings)

Row: 1200m
Wallball: 60
Power Cleans:58

Not enough time for "Guts" this morning. Slaying it tonight. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

"Hardship Duty"

Anonymous said...

"hardship duty"
can't remember my #s but failed one on rep 2 cause the wall ball hit me in the face knocked me out

"GUTS" 7:20
my 2 favorite things GHDs & Slam ball
Khan beat me by a lot! crazy time.
& still a little dizzy from the WB incident

Laura B.

Peter said...

Hardship Duty
Wall ball and Kettle Bell 20#/20kg, respectively
11-20/11-16/11-15/10-13 +100m row

Guts (20# slamball)

thammond18 said...

Hardship Duty...15-15/20-16/21-16/22-17 + 122m Row

Guts...6:46 (didn't get low enough w/ghd's)


0 said...


Cooking with gas tonight at the Rec Center. Plenty of thunder to give nightmares to the elliptical slaves.


Khan said...

"Hardship, Duty"
8-24/10-26/6-26/8-19/+250ish (glided in at the finish) 20lb/24kg