Open Gym (12.10.2011)

Open Gym (12.10.2011)
CFNH will be available to it's athletes today from 9-11am for all sorts of debauchery and mayhem...

Three of our CFNH brethren are out pillaging afar this weekend...

Goodluck to BillIam who should be arriving at CrossFit Southie for his Level 1 Certification Course as I type this!
Unless, or course, he is as punctual as I am... 15 minutes early to the 15 minute early formation, what?

Marcus and Slawra are also about to indulge in a CF Gymnastics Cert; they've been foaming at the mouth in anticipation for a few months now.

We know you guys are going to have an UNREAL experience learning from Coach Tucker and his staff of CrossFitters and Gymnasts which represent some of the very best instructors around in developing elite CrossFitters, world class gymnastics competitors, and everything between.

Get some, freaks!


Silverback said...

GREAT LUCK to Billiam, Marcus and Slawra today!!!

ME Squat/Clean 165
Voluntold: 12/64/53 w/40#
('OL MAN did WHAT???)

Anonymous said...

good luck everyone!!!
"filthy fifty"(25lb good mornings, 20lb med ball)-40 mins
"Voluntold": 18/40/24-i kinda messed up(40lb slamball)
and didnt throw up!XD ..well almost
paha ouchhhh

SRD said...

Finally got to sneak a WOD in, thanks to Derek for providing some additional incentive. Three Hero WODs for our warrior still afar, I'd post em but then everyone would know what kind of incredible hell awaits.
You'd figure we'd all be used to waking up in a pile of our own ashes everyday by now. What?

Nick said...


I have a challenge for you and the rest of the CFNH folks. SFCF is throwing a crew of runners into the Wasatch Front 100. Any chance I could talk some of your crew into flying out to Utah for a run?



laura b said...


I'd love to crew & pace Wasatch 100
finished Leadville got my buckle (barely)
but Wasatch is higher & more technical
& Hardrock 100 is way harder than Leadville & Wasatch

Unfortunately, the lottery didn't select me for Western States 100. So no Grand Slam of Ultrarunning for me. Wasatch is #4 in the Slam & where most fail.
would love to see the course before my chance at the Grand Slam

laura b