''Tiger Stripe II & Gut Check'' (02.29.2012)

Next Intro Course Begins Monday March 5th, 2012!

Warm-up Drills (02.29.2012)

Row 1000m
9 Fundamentals x 5 reps each (45lbs)
-Shoulder Mobility
-Samson Stretch
-Calf/Soleus Stretch
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch

''Tiger Stripe II'' (02.29.2012)
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of
Ring Push-ups

Notes: Pay close attention to the length of the rope used today. Thought to help those working on getting their first double-under; jumping higher won't help you... but spending less time in contact with the ground will.

''Gut Check'' (02.29.2012)
**Do not perform (or modify) this skill development if you are planning on giving the Open WOD Week 2 a run tomorrow.

For ten minutes:
Execute the following within a one minute window, rest 1:00, repeat.

30 x GHD/Abmat Sit-ups

Notes: You have one minute to complete each set of 30 x GHD/Abmat Sit-ups. Rest one minute between attempts. Record the number of reps per round whether achieving 30 reps or not.

Burpee Challenge (Optional)
61 x Burpees

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (02.29.2012)
''Tempo Hill Climb 80-85%''
Swim: 20min, add T-shirt for drag.
Bike: 30min Hill Climb, 4-8% ave Grade.
Run: 25min Hill Climb, 4-8% ave Grade.
C2: 20min, Damper between 5-8, Hold WATTS @ 50-120 above your bodyweight.

Post distances to comments.


0 said...

Tiger Stripe II
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time
Double Unders
Ring Pushups

11:15 w/ mask

Gut Check
For 10 minutes:
30 x GHD Situps within a 1:00 time limit
Rest 1:00



Alison said...

"Tiger Stripe II"
"Gut Check"
GHD 22/20/26/15/20

Anonymous said...

Tiger Stripe II...23:14

Gut Check...30/30/20
I had to cut this one short to get to work.


Peter said...

Tiger Stripe
Despite the stellar advice posted herein, DU's still epic fail.....so, SU x 4 substituted

Gut Check:
2 rounds completed in the 1:00 (0:57/0:59).
Attempt # 3 resulted in muscle cramp, so abandoned.

SRD said...

Ha! At least you're still willing to try, sir!

Did the 10:00 test with 30 x Hollow Rocks every other minute. That was unbelievably difficult.

Tomorrow's WOD will be quite interesting.

thammond18 said...

Tiger Stripe...12:02

Joshua said...

Tiger Stripe II

Anonymous said...

Gut Check done on Saturday
For 10 minutes:
30xGHD Situps w/i 1:00--Rest 1:00