CrossFit HQ Hero WOD "J.T."
The WOD below is in honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005. We also honor your family today, as they have borne the burden of your ultimate sacrifice since that day in June of 2005.
Complete the following for time
21-15-9 reps ofHSPU
Ring Dips

Jefe 10:50
Mike M. 11:12
Enrique 14:30*
I think both Jefe and Mike Molloy would agree today that by far the leader board spot needs to go to Enrique (Mike C.) because he surpassed just about every WOD from the last month in his stoic and devoted execution of every individual rep through its FULL range of motion, and based on the hardest and toughest standards applicable to these three movements. If you are wondering why we are making this such a big deal out of this then I would say you will need to see this guy in action first hand to understand how difficult a WOD becomes with this level of attention to detail. The performance Mike exhibited today was textbook in execution over the course of every repetition. I couldn't teach that kind of form, it can only be exemplified by a deep desire to excel under duress coupled with the mental disposition of a student in constant study. Mike has finally found his groove and I think it was amazing to be there watching you tear this WOD apart, dude.
You can tell how serious I am about his performance today because I made myself use Mike's real name for the above paragraph instead of the stupid ethnic title he's been hiding behind.
Example of standards used for "J.T."
HSPU's were nose to floor/90 degree or less angle of the lower arm.
Push-Ups were quads and chest in contact at the bottom and full arm lockout at the top of each rep.
Ring Dips were biceps to ring or shoulder joint below elbox joint at bottom and arms fully locked out and palms rotated 45 degrees forward at top

Jared's & Jen's version of "J.T."is described below, with an emphasis on replicating the three angles of pushing involved in the WOD as prescribed and holding true to the reps of 21-15-9.
Fogle's score was a 10:58*, very sick.
Shoulder Press (65lbs)
Ring Dips
Jenn 14:25*
Welcome to our Family, Jen! Now you know where Mike sneaks off too on the weekends, congrats on both of your PR's in the deadlift (email me the scores so I can post 'em)

"The Fundamental 50" WOD
This is one of our little milestone WODs that comes stalking up out of nowhere during the progression of training we all go through during the first month of training. It really cracks you pretty hard even though the rep and movement scheme might appear to be a bit easier than big sister WOD,"Fight Gone Fundamental". Everyone's times were awesome, and more importantly the quality of each rep showed that no matter how tired we make these guys and girls, they have developed the habits critical to proper execution of the 9 fundamental movements.
Pick a load you can at least use for all movements (except OH Squat depending on skill level) between 45 and 65lbs.Remember: safety first, proper execution of technique second, intensity is always last on the list of important training points to emphasize.
Air Squat x 20
Shoulder Press x 15
Deadlift x 15
Run 250m
Front Squat x 20
Push Press x 15
SDHP x 15
Run 250m
OH Squat x 20
Push Jerk x 15
Medicine Ball Cleans (20lbs) x 15
Run 250m
Mike L. 12:43* (64lbs)
Kristie 13:49* (45lbs)
Jill 14:50 (45lbs)
Katie 17:27 (45lbs)

Kent and Joe's WOD (after some intensive practice with the first five fundamental movements-Air Squat, Front Squat, OH Squat, Shoulder Press, and Push Press)
3 Rounds for time (with reps of 21-15-9 or 12-9-3)
Air Squat
Push Press
250m Run
Joe 10:20*
Kent 11:02*
What a way to kick off an immersion into the CrossFit Fundamentals, no one here needed floaties (if you have to ask you had no childhood) and the scores were very impressive even without taking into account the consistent and non-stop work rate both new CrossFitters maintained. Can't wait to throw the next ton of bricks at them on Tuesday!

II. Additional WODs and Results from the Week

"The Don"
21-15-9 reps of
SDHP's (95lbs)
Ring Push-ups (feet elevated to the level of the rings)
Don PePe 7:40*
This sick little Met.Con. got it's name after Don PePe took her out for the maiden voyage and barely needed a breather the whole way through.Nice Job, Don PePe, can't wait to hear how you do with your PT test tomorrow!

"Ascension Ladder" WOD
With a running clock complete an additional rep each minute on the minute until you fail to finish all three movements in the prescribed time. Ex. 1-1-1 for the first minute, 2-2-2 on the second minute, 3-3-3 on the third minute, until you can not finish the next round. Use the movements listed below:
Air Squats
Mike 12 Rounds*
Kristie 11 Rounds (finished on rep 5 of squats)

Just to give you an idea of how intense this WOD can be: 11 rounds equates to 198 reps total with 66 Pull-ups, 66 Air Squats, & 66 Push-ups. That's some serious work, and it was accomplished in under 12 with very little rest. Around here that is called "Beast" (Thanks Kevin, good word)
P.S. Spousal rivalry is hilarious... I mean fierce! Don't hurt me Kristie....

CrossFit HQ's "Extra Long AMRAP"
Complete as many rounds as possible in 30:00 of
5 x Pull-ups
5 x Ring Dips
15 x Sit-ups
Enrique 26+ Rounds*
Hore-Hay (Subbed in HSPU's for Ring Dips) 23+ Rounds
Don PePe (20:00 AMRAP) 18 Rounds
We had a guest of honor come in (from our mentor Lizbeth Darsh's box in Connecticut, check it out in the links section) and do the mainsite WOD with Don PePe. He completed all 30 gruelling minutes with an impressive number of rounds, but unfortunately I forgot to ask permission to use his name and score... If you're out there shoot me an email so I can post them, it was a pleasure having you in our tiny CrossFit Stable of Dark Horses.

Chalupa's first date with "Christine" ends with an inability to walk...
3 rounds for time of
500m Row
12 x Deadlift (bodyweight)
21 x Box Jumps (21'')
Chalupa 14:58*
Congratulations on snatching up your first leader board spot, you 99 cent menu wizard you!

"Fight Gone Fundamental"
First big milestone WOD for the crew currently taking on the Fundamentals. Amazing scores to be honest, especially since I made the WOD harder since the last time it came about.
Complete as many reps as possible for each movement in it's allotted time. The fundamentals are broken down into three separate rounds with 1:00 for each individual movement. There are no rests between the movements, however, there is a 1:00 recovery between each ROUND. Each rep is worth 1 point, add up total points for score. Pick a load you can perform for all of the movements, OH squat is exempt pending current skill level and comfort with the movement.
Air Squat x 1:00
Shoulder Press x 1:00
Deadlift x 1:00
Rest x 1:00
Front Squat x 1:00
Push Press x 1:00
SDHP x 1:00
Rest x 1:00
OH Squat x 1:00
Push Jerk x 1:00
Med. Ball Cleans x 1:00
Mike 270*
Kristie 187
Jill 226*
Katie 186

Max Effort Day for Back Squats WOD 3-3-3-3-3
Today was interesting for everyone as we covered the differences between the stances associated with an Olympic Style back squat and a Powerlifting Style back squat. These stances are based around different bio-mechanical details which highlight the vast chasm between Olympic and Powerlifting primary objectives for the squat. I have a feeling this will be a topic covered ad-nauseum in an upcoming rest day... heh heh.
I mention the difference in styles of squatting because this was technically a movement everyone has some familiarity with (Coach Knight brought Jefe and myself up on a spoon fed diet of Squats, Power Cleans, Bench Press, Snatch, and Push Jerk). We all had to stay open-minded as we re-visited, re-evaluated, and re-learned the Squat from scratch so that we can get the most mileage out of it when it comes to CrossFit Max Effort/Dynamic Effort WODs like the 3-3-3-3-3 day.

Chalupa 185-205-225-245-265*
Jefe 225-275-295-315*-350F
Enrique 225-275-275-275-295*
Hore-Hay 225-275-295-315-350*

The results here need to be articulated because I know some of our athletes out there considered this WOD a learning experience much like we did. Chalupa could have easily gone heavier but we took deliberate steps on his increase in load because of his inexperience with this lift (confidence under the bar is HUGE when it comes to max efforts for whatever the rep range). Jefe could have gone way heavier, but had to end it with the fail set because we hold strict to the number of sets and reps prescribed in the WOD so we don't end up in a seven hour overtraining-triples-max-out session (damn type A's ruining the fun for everyone). Enrique put his crosshairs on squat depth today as he played around with the foot/bar position and some other new performance points. It paid off big for him as he covered an additional 7 or so inches of depth by his last rep, which was incidentally his heaviest. Hore-Hay is basically just a "%$!@" according to his workout partners, I think that pretty much sums it up.
What was that Enrique? Oh ok, I'll tell them... Yeah, he didn't even show up today.

Hmmm, what other way to close things off than with the words we all hold dear to our hearts no matter our religious disposition:
"Thank God For Rest Days"

Footnote: Umm, just want to throw out there that for some reason Atomic Sit-ups never seem to come out bada$$ looking... no worries, I'll post them anyway.


Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey its Kevin O'Malley, havent posted in awhile.. Ill post my workouts from the week tommorow. I ran a half marathon today in New Bedford, Ma. When they asked for a team name I put Crossfit New Hampshire ha ha. Also, I during the 8th mile I get a tap on my shoulder and it was a fellow crossfitter. I was wearing a crossfit shirt to represent. The woman was the wife of the owner of Crossfit Boston, it was pretty cool. I ran the Half today in about 1 hour and 40 mins. Averaged about 735- 740 mile. I felt strong and ran few miles after. It's a tough race considered top 5 toughest half marathon in New England. My stamina and breathing was excellent and CROSSFIT ENDURANCE def works. I finished little ahead of the middle of the pack, so was little bit happy. However, I got the running bug and will be now running in races every week, will be doing another half in about 2 weeks. Crossfit Endurance def prepared me well and only little sore in the left knee, but def could have finished a marathon today. This was my first long distance race since starting crossfit endurance, so was overall impressed with the training over the last 6 months. My times will noly get better and hopefully will be able to qualify with a time of 3 hours and 15 mins for next years Boston Marathon, so will be running a marathon in the near future. See you guys later, will prob be up on Tuesday, but def the weekend, after one of my running races.

The Don said...

Damn, I miss the stable of Dark Horses, there arn't any here at the wick.....

SRD said...

aren't any stables? Bulls#!t! You are out in the middle of Vermont you freak, there's stables everywhere...wait, oh I get it. Giddeyup, Don PePe...Giddeyup to you, sir.

Anonymous said...

What a ruthless group of athletes! It is amzing to see how far everyone has come in such a short amount of time... especially the newcomers!


SRD said...

I definitely think my favorite pic is the one of Chalupa making the most rediculous face/look over right shoulder move possible. Sick job on yesterdays WOD, jefenweizen

APurple said...

21, 15, 9
Ring Dips (*Reg. dips 63, 45, 27)


Yay for rest day today!! :o)

JoeG said...

Yar. That was a blast.

What time Tuesday?


chris toomey said...

holy crap. what the hell is going on up there samy? awsome to see all of the new savages in the garage getin some. and k-tola rocking the t-shirt. love it. you have no idea man. i am going crazy down here in VA not being able to be up there on the floor in the phetal position after one of the CFNH WOD's. keep it going man.

The Don said...

I heard CT fruit's his beers, that true?

SRD said...

what is beers? does that go on your almonds?

The Don said...

mmm almonds.....

BamBam said...

New format for the MMA gym now that I am back in the swing.

We will be staying a full week behind you guys and the crosfit main site. Since we don’t have a full time instructor to bring it to us daily. This way we will be able to see how you guys have modified things for the Sandbag Society and we can do the same or more.

I’m not expecting all the fighters to keep up with the schedule but Nuri and I will be following to a T doing all the workouts and resting when the main site does. Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays we will add fight specific conditioning so if you have any suggestions for thows days pass it along. The other days Nuri and I will be adding in crossfit endurance when we can.

-L.L. BamBam

P.S. Nuri got robed by a quick stoppage by the ref he was definitively wining till that point. And I almost got in a fight with Rampage back stage.

SRD said...

Thats awesome, I want to talk to you tomorrow so we can lay something out and you guys can let me know some more details. Skill work is the key here for you two to start out, follow the progressions you see for the WODs that we use for all the CrossFitters coming through the fundamentals as they will develop your baseline of fitness and skills to a point where nothing is out of reach you encounter on the mainsite using a bit of creativity here and there while you learn more stuff.

great to have you back

APurple said...
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APurple said...

Ok so this lovely "Murph" WOD, do you have to do all 100 PUs, 200 push ups and 300 squats in that order or can you break it up?! Someone on the CF site said they did 5 pus, 10 push ups, 15 squats 20 times.. is that ok???
Either way, I'm going to be so dead.. :o)

Mike Molloy said...

You can partition the push ups, pull ups and squats as you like on Murph.

If this is your first Murph, be careful. This workout is no joke and can leave you broken for quite some time...

Jennifer said...

Hey Samy,

Thanks for an awesome welcome to the CFNH family, it feels great to be involved. I'll be down with Mike as often as I can. Day 2 is always the worst for me, I can barely lift my arms....


SRD said...

Yeah Ashley, do it like Mike Molloy said. We call it Cindy style cause you can do 20 total sets in a fashion like that workout and get a waaaay better time. This is your first time with it as well so it would be smart to cut it in half.
.5mi 10 sets of 5-10-15 .5 mi for time. Let us know how you do. Kevin is coming up I'm going down to the garage to work his MEBB WOD with him before the ladies come in to slaughter themselves. Talk to you tonight.

No problem Jenn, it was great having you. Day 2 and Day 3 always hurt for us too, Rest Days are euphoric around here.

APurple said...

I really wish I had read your comment first Ross! haha! Thankfully Mike responded before I did it.. so thanks Mike!! I did end up only doing .5 mile each time but I did the rest right.. I dont have a reg. stop watch so I used the one of my phone, obviously because it's me, it kept resetting while I was running.. So I don't have the time for that.. but I did do..
6 sets of:
pull ups- 15
push ups- 30
Squats- 45
With a last set of:
pull ups- 10
push ups- 20
Squats- 30

29:20 (I don't even want to know what my time would have been with my horrible running!! Add AT LEAST another 30 mins on to that! haha)

Well Ross call me later, as I am unable to pick up the phone because my arms are going to fall off...!! :o)

Grinster said...
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Grinster said...

Well I have done my first official Crossfit WOD. I think I could have done better but I'm out of my usual shape. Almost passed out afterwards. You have switched me over to the darkside lol.

I cut the workout in half because it was my first and didn't time the run.

WOD "Murph"

10 sets of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats.

17.47 (without run)