"Everglades" & Max Effort Black Box WODs

CrossFit NH WOD "Everglades" Version II (03.25.2009)
Some times the simplest looking WODs end up being the most terrible experiences of your life. This is pretty much the case with the "Everglades" which several athletes experienced today. It seems so easy based on it's nice plain format, but everyone sobered up fast after the first round of this suck-fest.  Thanks to some nice open space and the fact that we have a rower there is no need to perform this WOD like I used to at the YMCA and look like someone trying to take up two machines at once in a greedy display of sweating and profanity. Excellent times all around, even more so considering most of these Savages just made it through the 9 circles of Hell, which is why they keep telling me to "go die" in not so Kosher verbage.

"Everglades II"
Complete 4 Rounds for time of
500m Row
400m Run
Mike L. 17:40
Kristie 20:01
Jill 17:23*
Katie 21:48
Jared 14:55
Jess (6x250/200) 14:55

CrossFit NH Max Effort WOD (03.25.2009)
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3
Hang Power Cleans 1-1-1-1-1
Shoulder Press 3-3-1-1-1
Row 500m x 2:00r x 500m w/ deviation limit of :05

FS 185/205/225/255/275* 
HPC 185/195/205/215/225* 
SP 135/135/155/165*/170F 
ROW 1:40* x 1:44
SP 135/135/145/155F/155F 
ROW 1:44 x 1:47
FS 185/205/225/245/255 
HPC 155/175/185/205/215F
We have been waiting for our black box theories and ideas to completely develop and now that they are ripe for the harvest we will be bringing them out as mutations of the CrossFit HQ Heavy Style WODs.  All of our crazies here are obviously making insane strides and based on their performances lately it's about time we upped the ante and turned a day of heavy Front Squats for 3-3-3-3-3 into a medley of low volume/maximal effort stimuli.  The format basically went, Hips & Drive (Front Squats), Dynamic Pull (Hang Power Cleans), Strength Push (Press), and Workload (Row).  The result was fantastical (yes, I made up a word) and I think our athletes really enjoyed the thrash-fest that ensued after I scribbled this madness on the whiteboard with my little dwarf paws.


Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Guys,
Teaching right now well actually on CFNH Page-- I was going to take a rest day on Thursday, but I Trained a few people at my new garage gym(hopefully) and got pumped up. Did my blackbox workout-
Push press- 5-135
Weighted Dips-5-25
5- 35
Also did my own CFE WOD- 4x500m(with gas mask on)- Each row within 3 second of eacother- Accomplished- 1:37-1:40- The gas mask is brutal, but even after 3 days of working out with it on, I have been able to stay on rower longer and be more efficent- Hope you guys have a great weekend and will see you Sat and Sunday-
Check out my page- www.omalleyxfit.blogspot.com

JoeG said...

next with night vision goggles