The Sixth Day (12.18.2010)

Training hours are from 9am-11am.

During this time slot our CrossFitters are welcome to come in and crush any WODs they might have missed during the week.
Saturdays will also have a heavy/max effort option for athletes that need practice or rep record data on various lifts. We just finished a strength cycle (Back Squat and Press) and some of us will need to test for new 1RM's. Other CrossFitters might not have any previous rep records or lift experience and should begin working to develop basic strength and proficiency. Come in and sling some steel.

We would like to see everyone that missed a max effort WOD for Bench Press or Overhead Squats come in and set some baseline records. The data generated from those heavy days is what will be used in conjunction with percentages for the next 21 day strength cycle.

In the future we will be posting this link with any training post that requires the use of percentages or 1-rep maximums. This way even if all you have is a sub-maximal rep record of 'x' reps at 'y' weight you will be able to project with a fair amount of accuracy what loads to use during the WOD.
1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

Mobility WOD


0 said...

10lb PR on the Press - 135
25lb PR on the Back Squat - 270


Anonymous said...

"Tabata This" modified for my hip.

Push ups/Abmat Sit-ups/Ring Row/Bench Press (115)/Pull ups


-Mike A.