''Back-To-School Special'' (01.25.2011)

Warm-up Drills (01.25.2011)
Speed Rope x 3:00
''Burgener Drill'' (PVC/2Rnds)
9-6-3 reps each of
Medicine Ball Cleans
-Shoulder Dislocates (PVC)
-Scorpion Stretch
-ITB Stretch

''Back-To-School Special'' (01.25.2011)
3 Rounds of (5:00 on x 1:00 rest)
Against a 5:00 running clock complete a 500m Row and in the time remaining execute 1 x Handstand Push-up and 1 x Deadhang Pull-up, followed by 2 x Handstand Push-ups and 2 x Deadhang Pull-ups, continuing up the ascension ladder as far as possible before time expires. Rest 1:00 and repeat for 3 Rounds total.

Notes: For those feeling frisky today we invite you to use a narrow grip (hands touching) for Deadhang Pull-ups... or simply use a climbing rope if available, ROM standards being chin breaks knuckle height. Get Some.

Post 500m Splits/Reps/Rounds Completed to comments.

Skill Development (01.25.2011)
3 Rounds at your own pace of
Max Time x L-sit/V-sit
20 x GHD Sit-ups
20 x Hip and Back Extensions
*Rest :30 before repeating the Round.

Post total L-sit/V-sit time to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (01.25.2011)
''3x7min Repeats''
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
3 Rounds of (7:00 on x 3:00 rest)

Post distances to comments.


Anonymous said...

"Back to school special" Rd 1- 4+4, Rd 2-4+1, Rd 3-4+1

Danny=Back to school

0 said...

20110125 - Back to School Special

Round 1 - 1:44/500m, 15 pullups, 13 HSPUs
Round 2 - 1:55/500m, 15 pullups, 12 HSPUs
Round 3 - 1:58/500m, 13 pullups, 10 HSPUs

Skill Development: ~20seconds total L-sit time.

Had to modify this a wee bit because of the separation between the Erg and the pullup bar. Ended up rowing the 500m and then storming down to the pullup bar/ wall to do 3 minutes of the ascension ladder followed by a 1 minute rest. In my delirium after the rowing, I forgot to start with the HSPUs, and thus the discrepancy in my score.


PS - Felt super frisky this morning, so I used a narrow grip on the pullups. And I wore my gas mask.

marcus said...

Back to School

Round 1: 5rnds + 3HSPU
Round 2: 4rnds + 2HSPU
Round 3: 4rnds + 3HSPU

SRD said...

John M better show up, he's been hiding since Diane and when we put rowing in the workouts we expressly look forward to his pain face... letting us down is bad Ju Ju.

Kristina said...

Danny's Back to School Special


Khan said...

4+ 5/3
4+ 5/2

Anonymous said...


Callie said...


Josh Moore-Young said...


Mike Scotina said...


saw one of the new guys out at the brew... wonder where samy and dan where?

Anonymous said...

3+1 / 3 / 3


Anonymous said...

Lance says...

Danny's Back to School Special
1:47 5/5
1:52 4/4
1:58 3/3 +1