''Bodyweight Bench Press'' (01.15.2011)

''Bodyweight Bench Press Challenge'' (01.15.2011)
Warm-up as needed before attempting to complete as many repetitions of unbroken Bodyweight Bench Press as possible.

Bench Press (1xBW) x Maximum Unbroken Reps

Notes: Athlete's may scale the load to 3/4 bodyweight or 1/2 bodyweight as needed. Those that are attempting rep records at bodyweight will be in contention for the top leader board spot for that category.

1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

Mobility WOD


Anonymous said...

Rick where did you get that bandana?

matt mansfield said...

Bodyweight Bench Press Challenge:

185lbs x 1

Poolie WOD Part II (the pickups and walking lunges):

12:12 with 25lbs

Anonymous said...

Bodyweight Bench Press Challenge

195lbs x 20


0 said...

6 reps at 150.


Dan Hayden said...

14 reps at 165#

SRD said...

Saturday's are becoming as ruthless as the rest of the week around here.

Bench Press (165lbs) x 26

Marcus said...

3 reps @ 190

Anonymous said...

215 lbs x 10 reps