''Overhead Squats 5-3-1+ and G.I.Jane'' (01.07.2011)

Just over two months ago Mikey C. came into CFNH hoping our crew might be able to help prepare him for U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. It wasn't long before we noticed Mike's unwavering desire to excel, evident in the way he would throw himself, without reservation, at everything we asked him to do.
This kind of mental perseverance allowed Mike to endure (and eventually thrive) in the face of CrossFit's rigorous physical training tasks and the mental distress they are often accompanied by. Eight weeks later and we find ourselves saying goodbye to an Officer Candidate who's achieved a level of fitness and capacity for performance rarely found among those arriving at OCS.
Mike, the time for anticipation is finally over. It's been our privilege to see you forge yourself into a fire-breather here at CFNH... and just think, you've barely scratched the surface of your potential. We'll be eagerly awaiting your homecoming visit in a few months...
After you're born again hard, of course. Get Some.

P.S. Say hi to Hoostie for us.

Warm-up Drills (01.07.2011)
Row 5 Minutes
''Burgener Drill'' (PVC/3Rnds)
3 Rounds of
5 x Med Ball Cleans
5 x Push-ups (CFSG)
10 x Hollow Rocks
-Hip Mobility Complex
-Inchworms to Cobra Stretch
-Shoulder Dislocates
-ITB Stretch

''Overhead Squats 5-3-1+'' (01.07.2011)
Work through the following sets of Overhead Squats using the percentages outlined below. Novice level lifters should multiply their single repetition Press maximum by .9 and use the resulting number to determining loads. On the last set the '+' means athletes may attempt to exceed the prescribed number of repetitions if possible.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 50% (warm-up)
3 x 60% (warm-up)
5 x 75%
3 x 85%
1+ x 95%

Notes:1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

Post loads to comments.

''G.I.Jane'' (01.07.2011)
Complete for time
100 x Burpee Jumping Pull-ups

Notes: Early morning mayhem will be underway at 6am, the first heat will be epic. Those feeling frisky are invited to armor up with 30lbs. Gasmasks up for those that feel oxygen's a crutch.

Post times to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (01.07.2011)


Justin said...

105/120/135 x6


- Bieber

Mtn Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Kristie 70/80/90 x 3

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Burpee Jumping Pull-ups w/ small bar:

SRD said...

Overhead Squats (last week's)

The combination of pure hypoxia and seeing so many of our athlete's eviscerate Overhead Squat rep records and 1RM's has either killed 50% of my brain cells or I'm just in a state of euphoric awe. Or both.

''Demi Moore''
For time
100 x Burpee Jumping Pull-ups

15:53 w/Gasmask and 20lb Vest

Thanks Kevin and Dan for making sure I didn't black out.

SRD said...

Slawra ripped out her first deadhang pull-up today, siiiiiick.

Kevin TomaTo killed his 1-rep record for Overhead Squats by 70lbs. Yeah, that's pretty much like OH Squatting his old 1RM with a ''princess bitch'' hitchhiker balanced precariously on top for the added encumbrance.

ricky said...



Good way to end the week

Anonymous said...

kevin t
overhead squats found my max... @ 105 lbs
burpee jumping pull-ups 16:43

Luke said...

over head squat max is 80 lbs x 9. yes 80 is not a typo.

burpee pullups 20:03

Derek said...


G.I. Jane


Anonymous said...

GI Jane 21:49 w/20# vets and gas mask (wimped out today) OH squat 200x3


Waldo said...


"G.I. Jane"

15:57 w/ 10lbs of body armor on.

Peter said...

OH Squats 15/35/45/50

GI Jane

matt mansfield said...

OH Squats: 110lbs/125lbs/140 x 3
G.I. Jane: 19:48


Khan said...

OH Squats 85/95/110x7

GI Jane 15:17

ericachief said...

OH Squats 50/55/60
GI Jane 15:04