''The Jagannath Challenge'' (05.14.2011)

The Paleo Performance Nutrition Challenge Has Begun!
CrossFit New Hampshire is priviledged to have such passionate athletes who are constantly seeking every advantage they can in advancing their fitness to that next elite level. Marcus, Dan, and I were blown away by the turn out that kicked off our Paleo Performance Nutrition Class/30 Day Challenge. This is going to be one hell of a month...
We'll continue collecting baseline body metrics Monday and will announce a straggler class for athletes that couldn't make it in today. What? Sure, we can slay the prowler in the meantime... see below.

''The Jagannath Challenge'' (05.14.2011)
Max Load Possible Prowler Push x 30 meters. The Prowler must be in constant motion for the full 30 meters for the record to stand.

Notes: Jagannath is an ancient God that apparently crushed sacrificial humans under it's massive wheels of stone. Beautifully appropriate. Get some, you paleo freaks.

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Anonymous said...

Paleo challenge question:

I eat a lot of fish but can't stand taking fish oil
Is Udo's oil OK to take instead or will I lose points because it isn't fish oil?

Laura B.

Anonymous said...

Boatcrew Moore

Jagganath Challenge

Pumped to start the Paleo Challenge!


Anonymous said...

Jagannath challennge
275 lbs
My legs are shot. Good times.