''Gnomeo'' (06.05.2012)

Warm-up Drills (06.05.2012)
Run 800m
''Burgener Drill'' (3 Rnds/PVC)
Mobility of choice/Foam Roll x 8-10 minutes
**Every athlete has their strengths, weaknesses, and proficiencies for utilizing various drills/stretches to address such personal limitations. Today we are encouraging everyone to each each other various Mobility/Warm-up drills they think will most benefit one another. This simple activity has benefited everyone in our crew tremendously in such a short time that we couldn't resist in reinforcing it as a regular type of prep-work prior to hitting the WOD. Thank you, CFNH, for continuing to amaze your coaches/trainers.

''Gnomeo'' (06.05.2012)
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 20:00 of
5 x Squat Cleans
10 x DB Push Press
15 x KB Swings
20 x Box Jumps

Notes:1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

Post rounds/reps to comments.

Skill Development (06.05.2012)
Focused instruction and training on the foundational technique and progressions of development for the following movements (we will consistently be working to cover the following continuum of this domain regarding midline strength and capacity during each day as long as time permits):
L-sit/V-sit (paralettes or Rings)
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Introduction to 'skin the cat' Ring Drills
Pull to inversion
Inversion lower bent from Rings
Inversion lower while planked and with straight arms from Rings

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.04.2012)
''Time Trial: Uphill and Encumbered''
Swim: 500m: Add a t-shirt, parachute or boots & utes for drag.
Bike: 2 mile Hill Climb: Remain in the saddle, push as big of a gear as possible. Cadence to not drop below 60 RPM, incline between 6-12%.
Run: 1 mile Hill Climb: Add 10-20lb weighted vest, incline between 6-12%.
C2: 1500m: Damper setting between 8-10.

Post times, grade, and load borne over distance to comments.


SRD said...

Thanks Jeff, everyone will love the mutated version of the WOD we came up with.

Those that want to know... I'm not telling you. It was epic, it hurt, somehow it also felt great, and it kicked my as$ just right! (Just like Jeff did by destroying me in every round... Better by the day!)

Thanks, dude, I needed that today.
See you freaks at 4pm for more hellishness YESSSSSSSSSSS.

Anonymous said...


2 rnds + 10 HSPU (off box)
was pretty terrible, but I am ok with that..for now

Shanie said...

"Gnomeo" - completed 4 rounds in 20:00 of:
5 x Squat Cleans @ 45#
10 x DB Push Press @ 20#
15 x KB Swings @ 35#
20 x Box Jumps @ 24"

I would have preferred the original WOD that Tiffanie erased on the white board... no thanks to BAI! (I'm joking) The "Gnomeo" was killer.

Alison said...

65#/30#/20kg/9" bumper plate box
3 rounds + 24reps

Peter said...

Gnomeo (canI guess the name of tomorrow's WOD?)
4 rounds + 5/10/5 35# DB's for Squat Cleans and Press; 24kb KB

Joshua said...

Squat Cleans: 155#/45# DB Push Press/28kg KB Swings/24"
5 Rounds + 2/0/0/0

Jay said...

50# dumbbells 32# KB Swing

4 rounds + 7 KB Swings


Anonymous said...


3 rounds + 5 + 4

65#/25# DB/16kg KB