''Scab Run, S-Inman Quarter Mile Challenge & Other Tests of Fortitude'' (06.14.2012)

Use the Manchester NH Puritan Restaurant as a GPS address for ease of locating the park. We will be directly across the street in the parking lot that sits adjacent to both the soccer fields and the track/inner fooball field with (fenced in with bleachers). Those that want to risk the urine content may swim after in the public pool, we recommend everyone bring water and sun screen... Grills, dead animal meat, and any other bonus items are welcome all day long as we enjoy the idea of this becoming one hell of a fun event. Minus the horrific WOD and all. Uh Oh.

Warm-up Drills (06.15.2012)
Run 1 mile on own around Dorrs Pond or 4 x Complete Indian Run Circuits (around track)
**If time permits we will begin introducing Pose Run Technique drills, both individual and partner based.

''Choose Your Own Adventure: The Scab Run'' (06.15.2012)
There will be six stations total marked out across a 100m length of grass/pavement. Including the Start Line there is 20m distance between each station; orange cones will be laid out marking the course. Each orange cone will represent/have next to it an item, associated movement, or task that must be completed. This format is described in detail below, but first lets establish the tasks and obstacles that must be completed in order for each athlete to proceed through to the end of the challenge and stop the clock from running.

@Start Line:
Take 4000lbs from ground to overhead anyway possible, partitioning reps as desired between sprints and Scab Tasks. Ex: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Clean and Push Press, etc). You may choose from the following load/rep options:
65lbs x 61 reps/ 95lbs x 42 reps/ 135lbs x 29 reps/ 155lbs x 25 reps
@20m Cone:
15 x Burpees or
30 x Mountain Climbers (2ct)
@40m Cone:
15 x Overhead Squats (115/85lbs) or
30 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
@60m Cone:
15 x Hindu Push-ups
30 x Clapping Push-ups
@80m Cone:
15 x 'Unbroken' Burpee Jumping Slamball (40/20lbs)
30 x Slammies (40/20lbs)
@100m Cone:
15 x 'Unbroken' KB Swings (32/24kg)
30 x KB SDHP's (32/24kg)

Notes: Each athlete will get to take as many reps from ground to overhead as they wish each time they return to the start line, the reps add up cumulatively towards the final total needed (based on the weight selected). There is a total running clock, time being the overall objective. Upon hearing 3-2-1 Go! Each athlete will sprint from the start 100m to the KB Cone and choose their reps movements and execute them as required before sprinting 100m back to the start line. Once back at the start at least one rep must go from the ground overhead before moving into the next sprint, this one for 80m to the Slamball Cone. This process is repeated until the athlete has gone to and from each cone sprinting, completed each task station, and taken their 5000lbs from ground to overhead. Epic win? We'll see how it feels...

''S-Inman Quarter Mile'' (06.15.2012)
Without stopping take as much weight as possible over 400m. Carry the load anyway overhead, locked out, without any drops. To keep this interesting we will also provide a 25m course with a required 180 degree turn-around for added difficulty.

Notes: Below are alternative and additional challenges to keep everyone entertained during our time outside...
I. Complete an Inman Quarter Mile instead, carrying the load in a Back Squat position.
II. Complete the same distance without stopping or resting while holding the heaviest pair of axle bars possible for the duration.
III. Complete the Team Prowler Drag Race head to head with another team.
IV. Complete the 'I'll Be Your Huckleberry' challenge in the same head to head fashion.
V. Work up to a 1RM Clean and Jerk or Snatch.
VI. Walk Max Distance on Hands
VII. Dodgeball anyone?!!

Enjoy, freaks! Time to make a scene...

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.15.2012)
''Time Trial''
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
20 minute Time Trial

Post distances to comments.


Unknown said...

Should noobs come at 7 or during a regular wod?

Anonymous said...

Will there be classes at the CFNH Mill Building at all today?

Anonymous said...

so bummed I'm missing this....damn strep throat!!


Morgan said...


SRD said...

Noobs are more than welcome to join in during the 4, 5 and 6pm classes. We will just adjust movements to accomodate. Please ensure you guys are all on time, some class times are very busy and we need to have a heads up so things can run just as smooth for all the athletes involved. This is one hell of an epic day so far!

0 said...

Scab Run


Alison said...

I had so much fun today,that I didn't keep track of my time. Thank you Samy for making every WOD so interesting and challenging and of course, fun!

Peter said...

Whatever it was called - it was certainly both ardous and fun in the sun....Thanks, Samy.
19:03 65# G-OH; 25# OH Lunges

Joshua said...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Scab Run
28kg KB Swings

Silverback said...
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Silverback said...

Scab Run: 42@95, 15KB, 15burpslams, 15Hindu,30mtnclmb - 20:44 - almost lost my bbq ribs lunch

Anonymous said...

Liked it so much did it twice:

13:36 65# G2OH, 32K KB, 40 lb slamball burpees (SUCKED), 45lb plate on lunges (SUCKED MORE)...

13:52 Same way second time...

Thanks for a great time Samy!


Anonymous said...

Liked it so much did it twice:

13:36 65# G2OH, 32K KB, 40 lb slamball burpees (SUCKED), 45lb plate on lunges (SUCKED MORE)...

13:52 Same way second time...

Thanks for a great time Samy!


Anonymous said...

Well done Samy! Great time today!
Thank you

The Credible Hulk said...

CYOA: Scab Run #1 (155#)
19 something
CYOA: Scab Run #2 (95#)

Anonymous said...

YEAH SAMY We all thank you!

Jay said...

135 # snatch
70# KB swing
40# burpee slamball
Clapping pushups
95# OH Squat
15 burpess

No idea on time. It took a while. Somewhere around 22 or 23


Shanie said...

Scab Run
50# x 61 reps
@20m Cone: 15 x Burpees
@40m Cone: 30 x Overhead Walking Lunges @ 25#
@60m Cone: 15 x Hindu Push-ups
@80m Cone: 15 x Burpee Jumping Slamball @ 12#
@100m Cone: 15 x 'Unbroken' KB Swings (32kg)
Completed @ 19:38

So happy I didn't miss this WOD. Thx Samy.