"Eva" (06.30.2009)

"Eva" (06.30.2009)
Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 x Kettlebell Swings (2-pood)
30 x Pull-ups

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CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (06.30.2009)

Stable News:

It's now official, we are up and running in the new Stable and things couldn't have gone any better today. Thank you to all our athletes for the help with moving, working in the new place, and providing us with the best source of daily motivation for bringing CrossFit New Hampshire to the next level.
Everyone crushed Fran today, we had some awesome visitors from out of state, new athletes came in to sip the cool-aid, and our original crew enjoyed slaying themselves as usual... I couldn't be more satisfied to be a part of this community after experiencing all of that in one day.
I'll be uploading more pictures soon, but there is still a lot of work to do in our mill space.
Tomorrow we will be running WODs from 3pm until 8pm and I ask that everyone come in as close to on the hour as possible so we can keep solid heats going through as the day moves along. More information will be coming down in the next few days as to our permanent schedule of hours, I'm still gathering input from our crew in order to best fit the broad spectrum of schedules our athlete's have got going on.
As for payments, our business account is up and running and we would ask that all checks be made payable to CrossFit New Hampshire... thanks for bearing with us while we arrange for an electronic deposit option.
Other than that it appears we are rolling deep now, I can't wait to get in there for day 2 tomorrow... The new Stable awaits, in all it's pain-inspiring glory.


Anonymous said...

Hey Samy, thought I'd drop a quick line here because I haven't been had a chance to update my blog (doing so tomorrow, so everyone be sure to check it out). Anyways, if anyone has not done a Crossfit WOD that involves running at 6000+ feet, I would really recommend it, its quite the experience and challenge. I scored a 23:38 on the "Ambidextrous Mayhem" WOD with 30lb Push Presses and 75lb dead lifts. The environment of the affiliate out here is noticably different than that of the Stable. The trainers and athletes are all great people, they just don't have that same spark that everyone at CFNH has. I'll be able to explain more indepth once I get home. Unfortunately though, I'm the only one in my group that does Crossfit, I guess elite fitness isn't for everyone. But I'm going to be the PT Officer next week, so I'm going to put all the Cadets through met-con disasters. I've even earned the nickname "CPG" meaning "Crazy PT Guy" because no one dares do a WOD with me. But the new place looks amazing, and I really can't wait to work out with everyone again!


PS - Someone here tried making me do a WOD in the globo-gym type facility on base. I ended up leaving because I refuse to be surrounded by ellipticals and stair-masters.

katie said...

Bert...or should I say CPG! Glad to hear you are doing well! Let us know how being the PT Officer goes, those poor little cadets have no clue!

Ben...is that your sweat angel???? If so, I am very impressed!

Eva, I hate you.

Love, Katie~

Anonymous said...

WOD today was The Bear Complex, conducted in the Globo-Gym at Fort Benning, GA. I felt sad as I got an actual workout while surrounded by Soldiers conducting bodybuilding-style lifting. As usual, few of them had anything to show from it, in either work capacity or physical appearance.
The Bear Complex as follows:
75lbs, 95lbs, 100lbs FAIL, 100lbs, 110lbs FAIL on 5th rep. C'est la vie.

Guys, the new stable looks fantastic, I can't wait to get back and start training again.

Bert, I lived in Colorado Springs for a while, and I can appreciate the unique pain you're experiencing. On the upside, for a week after you get back no one will be able to touch you in a WOD thanks to all that extra blood in your veins. What's the URL for your blog? I want to hear about you torturing your fellow Zoomies with Crossfit.


Anonymous said...

Eva - Modifeid
5 rounds
Run .5miles @ 1* incline
30 kettlebell swings (45# DB)
30 pullups


Anonymous said...


I'm in the process of updating it because I've been lazy and there isn't internet in my room here, but the rest of the posts from the week should be up tonight.


Anonymous said...

Eva" (06.30.2009)
Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 x Kettlebell Swings (2-pood)
30 x Pull-ups
400 meters 12/12 yellow belt - 14:42 Cheryl

Big Ben said...


3 rounds for time
run 400 meters
12 x kettlebell swings (1 pood)
12x pull ups


RaJ said...

Run 800 meters
30 x Kettlebell Swings (1.5-pood)
20 x Pull-ups

Time: 28:10

211 said...

Mike as Rxd

Jill modified
5 rounds of
Run 800m
30 KB swings 1 pood
30 blue band pullups

Super proud of Jill for bouncing back from the Fran meltdown with this one.
The only thing I ever want to do with a $&€£ ing 2 pood KB again is to have Samy drop the #%€£ ing thing on my £%¥?ing head from the top of the $&!€ ing pullup bar structure..... Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Eva - modified
3 rounds for time
800m run
30kb swings
20 pull-ups (blue band)

Anonymous said...

20090701 - "Eva"

5 Rounds for Time
800m Run
30 x KB swings (1pood)
30 x Pullups (none jumping, some kipping)


I'm getting better with all of this high altitutde garbage. Tomorrow's 10k will be a true test.

-Bertimus Maximus

wes hendricks said...

that top pic is the first picture I have ever seen samy's entire face captured in a photo

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

I figured I would let one slip through the cracks so that people knew I wasn't just some homeless CrossFit fanatic... wait... I am a homeless CrossFit fanatic.