Keeping The Learning Curve Steep with HSPU's

Today's CrossFit Mainsite WOD (1.06.2008)
Complete four rounds for time
Run 400 meters
15 Handstand Push-ups
15 ft Rope Climb, 2 ascents

CrossFit NH Modification for "Austere Training Conditions"
Complete four rounds for time
400 m Run

15 x Handstand Push-ups
10 x Towel Pull-ups
(for towel pull-ups you pull the rope through the same "range of motion" as a rope climb, much harder than you would think, also much harder than just hanging from a towel and doing a pull-up...Check out this video for an example from Crossfit.com: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_TowelPullupVariations.wmv)

Warm-ups/Skill work today included an easy run to review the route we use (safety is paramount) and a few of the drills and progressions for learning handstands and handstand push-ups against a wall. The drills emphasized learning how to center your hips over shoulders and hands because our goal is basically learning how to walk all over again from the upside down position. Most people are strong enough to perform free standing handstand push-ups, they just need to learn the actual neuro-muscular processes involved from scratch. Now that we started connecting the wires inside our heads to perform these movements we can add them to daily warm-ups and continue to progress through repetition and practice.

Jefe 10:10*
Hore-Hay 12:01
Golum 12:10

The actual WOD was fun as hell, like usual. Everyone had a great time and there was a pretty good mix of laughs and exasperated grunts of pain from inverted athletes. Just look at the pictures and you will get a good idea of how intense and fun the session was. If you guys are out there trying this stuff on your own keep an eye out for speeding retards on the roads. We deal with some a$$holes speeding through the neighborhood here and the last thing I want is anyone to get hurt. It helps to give your routes a dry run through before you take off sprinting on the verge of vomit. If you train with us it also helps if there is a stumpy, 5 foot tall, angry looking bearded dwarf armed with a kettlebell ready to smash a windshield to divert traffic for you.

Golum was back with us tonight as well, and he ripped up a sick wod time. Everyone was pretty much learning the towel pull-ups (try 'em if you don't have a rope to climb) and the HSPU's for the first time but the resulting scores showed a great ability to adapt and excel in the face of brand new skill & ability sets.

Tomorrow Golum is taking off to get started in his primary training for the Army. I have known him for a long time now (since UNH Rugby days with John and Ben) and I don't doubt that he is anything other than over-prepared to achieve great things in his devoted service to country. My goal with him was to help teach him as much as possible in his short time here so he could head butt the doors open to local affiliates and feel ready to tear up WOD's with their best fire-breathers. I know he has accomplished and learned a ton already and I hope he gets to meet a bunch of new CrossFitters and freinds through his travels and training experiences.

To Golum: Good luck! We can't wait to see you back here with us on leave, brother! Keep in touch with us here on the site and thanks again for all your help with the floor and CrossFit NH in general.


Anonymous said...

Samy that was a pretty knarly WOD! Gollum - Good Luck with your training... stay savage


SRD said...

damnit, is stay savage our thing now? Can't we go more along the lines of "eat your entire prey, don't waste the gall bladder"? The hell with you guys...that is what I am using instead of stay savage.

BamBam said...

The MMA team got it done tonight. Since Samy wasn't there we did something that I remembered seeing on the main site recently...

I modified t so that we wouldn't die but it still sucked.

it was
1 mile run
50 pull-ups
100 push ups
200 squats
1 mile run
for time

Ben got 31:40
Dave got 33:10
Nuri got 47:44
Little John got half way through until his inhailer wanted in and pumped out 50 reps.

Stay Creepy,

P.S. Any one see my new profile.

APurple said...

SOOOOO! Today while I was coaching my gymnastics team this girl, Magda (who apparently has asthma), was doing hard core sprints when she had an asthma attack! The other girl I coach with yelled across the gym and told me she was in the bathroom. I could hear her breathing all the way down the hallway. When I got to her she didn't have her inhaler and could not calm down enough to regulate her breathing and some how I remembered the breathing technique you taught your class on 4 secs hold of three. I had her do it and by the second cycle her breathing was back to normal! Thank goodness I remembered that technique you taught!!! THANKS!!!

and ps. LOVE YA! hahaha sisterly love is always appreciated right? :o)

SRD said...


The workout you guys did was a scaled version of "Murph". Those are pretty good times, the next time this one comes up try and remember that you don't have to do 100 pull-ups THEN 200 push-ups THEN 300 squats. The reps can be completed in any order you want, a popular one being trying to complete 20 rounds "cindy" style by going 5-10-15 each round. It should improve your guys' already awesome scores even more. I will be there Thursday and if anyone wants to get a heads up on the WOD you can search for the Broomstick Mile. Ben can expect to use a 45lb barbbell for it and two other volunteers can join him. Experience with the olympic lifts should be second nature by now so get ready to get hammered with them. Thanks for helping out, Ben, I'll go look at your dirty little profile now.

SRD said...

Goodjob Freckles, and yes, sisterly love is always welcome. The technique you are talking about is the "combat breathing" thing that they try and teach people to use during high stress shooting. Once you commit it to your subconcious action it should help you regulate your breathing and your heart rate will follow. If you practice this technique you can eventually effect all sorts of things including the metabolic pathway you are currently in. It is just one way for you to take control of functions that otherwise may be detrimental to you with their effects because of your inability to cope or react to them. Excellent job coaching that girl down, shorty. See you Thursday.

BamBam said...

Dammit Purple why do you have to up stage me with your heroic asthma story. My asthma attack sorry was pretty serious too I just didn't add all that color to it. I as save his life too, I ridiculed him relentlessly until he was forced to regulate his breathing to avoid further embarrassment. I learned that technic from my friend Fitzy.

APurple said...

hahahaha! I was just showing off in front of Ross that I remembered all these crazy things he teaches me day after day after day! I would never upstage you Ben! Your story seems very colorful! I would have gone more towards ridicule if the girl wasn't 16 and about to pass out! hahaha! But as long as you know your story is appreciated that's all that matters!

SRD said...

See that's the thing though Ashley, no one really appreciates Ben's story of ridicule. I remember when Ben used to ridicule my height and I got taller thought so maybe his way works. I tried to help him out by ridiculing his inability to grow face hair but it only seemed to backfire as one morning I just woke up with this damn beard...

SRD said...
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SRD said...

forgot to end with our new saying: "eat your entire prey, don't waste the gall bladder"

APurple said...

Oh sorry..

"lets do something crazy and make sure we eat something nasty!"
I interpreted your saying a little differently! hahaha!

"eat your entire prey, don't waste the gall bladder" :o)

SRD said...

yeah but "nasty" could have you ending up eatinging poopies while I eat an entire animal I just killed to survive...have I taught you NOTHING!? Freckeles = weakness

APurple said...

hahahahahahaha!! Oh you definitely taught me tons! I am ashamed at myself! What the hell was I thinking?! Of course!
And By the way.. Freckles = Badass in case you didn't know! haha!

SRD said...

Duly noted, now you should probably GO TO BED AND LET ME WORK!!

Patrick Haskell said...

Ooh, you're a nasty bearded dwarf, sending people on a barbell mile on broomstick mile day. Do you have them run with the "broomstick"?

SRD said...

We do now. Haha

Kevin Daigle said...

Man, I need to train with you guys sometime......I've been watching with anticipation as this thing has developed. Keep up the great work guys.


SRD said...

Hey Kevin, come on down anytime you want. Gimme a call or shoot me an email whenever you have some time to talk and you can come tear it up. Special Ammo Can Hopper Holiday WOD today instead of a rest day @ 6pm if you want to drop in