''Heavy Press Triples'' (07.15.2010)

Warm-up Drills (07.15.2010)
Row 750m
2 Rounds of
12 x Burpees
6 x Deadhang Chin-ups (Supinated Grip)
''Burgener Drill'' (PVC)
Shoulder Dislocates (PVC)
Shoulder Opening Drill (Wall)
Scorpion Stretch
Lunges w/Torso Rotation

''Heavy Press Triples'' (07.15.2010)
With a 12:00 running clock work through the prescribed 3 rep sets of Presses. Loads for each set are calculated by applying the percentages below to your current single repetition maximum.
Rest as needed between efforts.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 50% (warm-up)
3 x 60% (warm-up)
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
3+ x 90%

Notes: During heavy percentage based strength WODs you may notice a ''+'' symbol after the number of reps on the final set. This indicates that additional repetitions should be executed if possible above the prescribed workload.
An example of this would be working through a final set of 3 reps at 90% of 1RM for the Press and continuing for three more before failure. Successfully executing 6 total repetitions at 90% of 1RM represents a new personal record (volume based 6 rep record).

Post loads to comments.

''Sand and Seaweed'' (07.15.2010)
Complete for time
800m Run
75 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
60 x GHD Sit-ups/Anchored
45 x KB Swings (32/24kg)
30 x Push Press
15 x Burpees

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (07.15.2010)


Anonymous said...

85/95/105 x3


60/70/80 x3
19:26 14/24


Anonymous said...

Mike L.: 17:38 rx'd

John M said...

21:30 Rx'd