10K Time Trial (07.29.2009)

10K Time Trial (07.29.2009)
Run 10K for time

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CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (07.29.2009)

Stable News:

New shirts are on their way, we ordered a boatload in response to the daily threats we get from those wanting a CrossFit ''game jersey''.
Expect them to be available within the next 10-14 days, we'll have them down in the Stable for purchase as soon as the order is completed. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us, we know how frustrating it can be having nothing decent to wear while pillaging villages on your Rest Days.


JoeG said...

perhaps a run of CF shirts printed on that under-armor stuff? yah!


Mark Rippetoe said...

"Under Armour, is a privilege not a right. That being said, do your squats and defend this house!"

JoeG said...

i love me my squats.

after today's sweat fest, my cotton tshirt weighed more than my water bottle. oiy!


Anonymous said...

10k helpful info.:
-Make sure your toenails are cut (I know this sounds gross, but it can make a huge difference in your performance.)
-Don't tie your sneakers too tight or too loose.
-Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but don't over do it before you run. If you can feel/hear water sloshing around in your stomach, you will not have a good time running.
-Stay loose, keep your hands relaxed.
-Going down hill is your rest time. (Let yourself "fall" into each step.)
-Drink plenty of water after the run.
Good luck everyone, this is going to be excellent for your endurance through all of the WODS, especially things like burpees and 20 minute AMRAPs.

Anonymous said...

Oh God you guys know how much I hate running!!! My quads are still killing me from "Cindy"...........help and this humidity will I ever make it?????????????


Anonymous said...

30:20 on my 1st 5K run

shooting for the 10K next time it comes around


Anonymous said...

10K Children of the Corn Run
Thanks for the tips Jill! You should crush this. Your times are amazing!!!

Heidi 49:19

Jennifer said...

Awesome tips Jill, I will heed all of your advice before trying this later today.

Samy, I have a feeling that the T-shirts will sellout real quick again. Can you set aside a couple for me and Mike please? We'll pay you and the beard handsomely for your trouble.


Anonymous said...

10k run/60:48

Anonymous said...

OD - I am right there with ya! I HATE RUNNING! I would rather get a tooth pulled! We will suffer together girl!!

Samy - What size fan are you looking for to place in the stable? 20", 24", 30", 36"? My rep is coming in within the next couple of days, and thought "what a great time to throw pricing of one into my negotiations with him!" LOL Just let me know what size and I will do my best!

Dos Deb

Anonymous said...

10k run/ 111:48

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Deb: The biggest, most violent looking fan in existence.

111:48 was actually 1 hour 11 minutes :48 seconds

jess said...

so...one of my per diem nurses came back to work today and she is always training for the Boston Marathon...so I conned her in to running the 10k with me on our lunch break...(since we had to punch the time clock before our hour was up we figured we'd make decent time)...made for a pretty sweaty afternoon...she kicked my a*$ on the last mile, but definitely a decent workout...kinda sorry I didn't get to run with you guys though...but...there's always next time!!


Anonymous said...

I ran and I ran and I ran the 5K and I FINISHED.............ME!!!!!!!!! TIME 38.27 I still cannot believe I actually did it!!!


Anonymous said...

I can absolutely believe it OD. You Rock!!Heidi

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Seeing you finish the 5k was the best part of my day.

Anonymous said...

Mike H

10 k - 1:37:36

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Mike: Keep tearing it up out there in that barn, you going to come visit again soon?

Anonymous said...

5k time trial

33:30. Not bad i guess for not running 5k in almost 5 years. OD YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! Awesome work today...expect when you almost got run down at the end by a car, thank god katie and jill can yell!

Billy the tuff

Anonymous said...

10K run/58:42

Anonymous said...

Mike C. 52:45
Jill 46:03

Great job everyone! Just think about how many people wouldn't attempt to run like you did, especially in the rain, or on a sketchy children of the corn route. Explosive pounds all around.

Matt said...



100 m intervals
10x w/15 sec rest in b/n never slowing more than 5 sec off fastest interval

Swam CSS intervals b/n 1:40-1:44

JoeG said...

WOD: 2007-07-29 10K Time Trial

Score: 10k 2/3rds

got 4.x miles in at just under an hour, and hit a wall, and now i'm going to take a cold bath, then shower before they turn off the water for the night (street construction)

man, running ... you get into that nice zone... and it's SOOOOOO boring and then you trip and shoot off the treadmill ;) hates it we do.

then again, i never thought i could run more than 2 miles at a go either. 10k? maybe next time.


katie said...

Katie 10K 54:18
Jefe' 10K 47:06

Favorite quote of the day, "Shakira kept me going...I kept invisioning her hips movin the whole time!" -OD

Kick butt everyone! Explosive pound to you and you...and yes you!

JoeG said...

and great jobs guys!

i just don't GET how someone can run all that in under an hour. i don't.

now, mtn biking 50 miles, that i get :)


Anonymous said...

Joe! You've got to get off the treadmill! That's way too long to run on a boring treadmill. You have to run like we did yesterday. The possibility of getting blocked by a train and dodging cars makes it go by much faster. Or if you run like Heidi does, you want to get home a.s.a.p. before a child of Gatlin appears with a scythe. -Jill

Anonymous said...

Ok so I dissed the 10K this time.....My mind was saying oh yeah lets do it but my legs said what the freak are you thinking.....next time.....

5K 35:43 another minute off......Just warming up...I will be more than ready the next time. Maybe in the meantime I can find my MP3 Player to listen to kick a** tunes to keep me going.


Anonymous said...

10k 52:41


jess said...

OD, your girls are never going to believe what you've done...congrats on all you've accomplished and all that's to come between now and Christmas :)...you are amazing

missed you guys yesterday...not the same to do the WOD w/o the crew...see you guys Monday

Anonymous said...

Samy - My goal is to get up there this weekend. Mike H

Anonymous said...

My run yesterday..OK this is not so bad uphill toward the horsefarm. Wow what a view. Nice horsees..wish I had four legs right now. Jill said just "fall" down the hill now. Im thinking I have to haul a$$ down this hill to even get close to her time.

Then I take a right onto meadowsomething road I know this because I am carrying the 3x5 card with the directions Mark wrote out. I DO NOT want to get lost this damn thing is timed and I may never find my way back out of these sticks. I didnt fully see the street sign because I was hauling. Im hoping the momentum will carry me about 4 miles. No such luck it turns to dirt..great. I decide that the run sucks a little more. I am now sweating pretty good. The road is narrow (I think this is where the children live) tall grass the whole bit. I think my speed picks up a little here because I do wig out slightly for a moment. It is really hilly. I tell myself just look down infront of you at the dirt and it is flat not a hill. I am really trying to trick myself.

I get chased by a few horseflies and I think great the Ammityville house is out here too? Who the hell lives out here? Why? Well someone does because a few times cars passed and scared the crap out of me. I can't hear them I've got "word-up" blaring as high as possible on the old walkman. OK it is an ipod shuffle..but when I am looking for it I say "where's my walkman". My kids say, "Mom it is an ipod, what is a walkman?" So the adrenaline from the pick up truck with Buck driving gives me a little boost to finish these hills.

I pass the goat farm. They have a sign goat milk, real cheese. Im thinking I like cheese..not now.. I would surely hurl. Their sign is crappy, that was the best they could do. Who drinks goat milk anyway? Probably Samy.

My right shoe is tied slightly too tight. Too bad suck it up you are not stopping to fix it. I know now I am about half way and I am talking to myself (not outloud in my head) DO NOT QUIT! It would be nicer if I could actually breath the air is so heavy. Why did the 10K have to come up today. Who's idea was crossfit anyway? I'm starting to get a little pissy. I think next time I am duct taping these damn ear buds in!

Oh here is the sign "The champion butternut tree 1849" on apparantly the "butternut tree". Who the hell are these people out here? What did a group of judges come over to look at this thing? Get a life.

I see pavement up ahead. Thank God I can get off this dirt. I take a R onto Loudon Ridge road. Im thinking I have to make up some time. I try this pose running thing. Im looking down are my toes hitting or my heels? Toes, toes, toes, wait I think that was heels no that was my toes well kind of midfoot, does that count? Ugh whatever as long as they are moving.

I'm looking around some nice houses up here maybe some normal people do live out here.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

Ooh there is my turn R on Page as it says on my card but the sign says Paige..close enough Im turning. I know Im over half way now the road is dirt but that is OK it is slightly downhill yes! I pass a guy outside with I swear to God pants with suspenders on. I give him a big wave I still feel pretty good Im going downhill. He did not wave and I think I read his lips to say, "damn city slicker". Fine turd.

I don't remember this road or dirt being so long come on. I wonder if my time will be better? It is friggin hot. I see pavement. Yes. DO NOT QUIT!

I take a R on shellcamp. Im almost there. Im used to this road I run it all the time no sweat. Ive got this. Damn earbuds. A few more little tiny hills just don't look (do I really think that I am that stupid). I do imagine sometimes OK my lowerbody is seperate from my upper body. Im breathing, Im relaxed, Im listening to my music, legs you better be hauling a$$ but I can't feel you because I am part of the upper body now.

OK L onto lakeshore. THis is my road. No problem only a little further. Up this little hill but I know where there is an uphill there is a downhill. Fall baby fall..yahoo. I go by 1st beach, then 2nd beach..Im gonna make it lets go all out and make up a few seconds Ive got to beat someone.. I see camp and I can almost make out the sunbeam timer I left on the boat trailer. If one of the kids touched it I will kill them! Haul a$$. Neighbors do not even think of talking to me right now I have to hit that button. I see it, just grab it, hit the button...hit the button. Nice. Its done. Thank God. Its done. I beat my time. Thank God. Its done.

That is why running outside is better than a treadmill. I think I need to get to work! Miss you guys. Great job everyone. Heidi

Anonymous said...

Heidi that was awesome! So funny!!! My favorite memory from yesterday was wondering what the hell was in the puddles I was splashing through and how I couldn't wait to get home and wash off all the Manch-vegas I soaked up. That coupled with the slippery bricks and manhole covers made for quite an interesting run. Maybe we can make a music mix for the gym comprised of Shakira for Deb, because her hips don't lie, and other favorites.


Anonymous said...


If there are any shirts left after the athletes from the stable get theirs take a minute and throw one aside for your pal from over here in Ontario..

Pete aka "Chucks"

211 said...

Heidi that was awesome.

In that spirit let me share some of my 10k misery with everyone.

I'm running and dying. Dying and running. Just want to break 50 minutes. I think I can I think I can. Run run run this sucks. Run run... Hey, there's all my buddies in front of the gym cheering me on. That's really motivating! Maybe I don't feel so bad.... WHOOSH!!!! There goes Jill. LITERALLY sprinting past me, just as we pass the crowd. Coincidence... I think not. For all of you that witnessed this... Yes it hurt... Like having the beating heart ripped from my chest and thrown onto the sidewalk. All I could think was, I can't believe I share a bed with this woman. I think she even slapped me on the ass when she passed.

So I'm picking up the pieces and make the turn onto Canal, just in time to see her pass Billy Tufts. But as she passed him... She PUNCHED him...hard. That's right boys and girls. Cute little Jill punched Billy. I watched the guy jump about 7 feet to the right as im sure he thought he was being mugged Then she sprinted past him. I know that hurt because by the time I caught up to him the poor bastard had to stop to .... "stretch". He looked like he was having a major cardiac event. This is what Jill leaves in her wake.

So next time in your cute little tips and tricks post. Maybe you should put down that the 10k is not a full contact event. If it were, you wouldnt stand a chance... Right Billy?! Also you should avoid INTENTIONALLY crushing the souls of your fellow crossfitters.... Just a thought. Hehe... Cut your toenails....hehe drink plenty of water.

The next really cool thing that happened to me was at the end. I was smoked
and praying for death. Clearly not paying attention to my surroundings. As I stepped onto the intersection of Dow and Canal, I heard a thunderous BOOM over my iPod. I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. I turned, expecting to see an 18 wheeled cement truck about to crush every bone in my body.

Nope... It was a shirtless Gerard shouting at me as HE blew my doors off while flexing his upper dorsimus at me. I coulda done without that too.

Anyway... 52:something

Screw it. Next time I'm running with you Heidi


Anonymous said...

You forget to mention that you had a head start sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, you did great Mike.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...


jess said...

i almost fell off my chair i was laughing so hard at your play-by-play mike...i do hope you're taking this rest day to emotionally recoup...despite having to spend portions of it with the girl who thinks a 10k is a full contact sport

JoeG said...

ordinararily i'd say i'm not afraid of the Children of the Corn... but as it turns out, Jill IS the Children. man, gunna have to run with a field hockey stick for self-defense.

now, around these parts, the biggest worry is that you'll trip, hit your head, and then the fishercats will find you later. at first, they just want to nuzzle. then the sharp teeth as they go for your marrow. sure, it's good for taking weight off.

the pond out front is a nice perfect 800M, but running around that 10+ times would be evil too... maybe i'll measure a course or something that doesn't involve the 400 hills of death we have, it's very not flat around here.

but at least running on the treadmill with cooled air i can breath, there's no way the Children can sneak up on me ;) i just have to worry about the Village of the Damned next door.


The Don said...

thats such an accurate play-by-play Heidi! so true. Mike im pretty sure you and jill both slapped my ass

JoeG said...

oh, found this: just the think for 5, 8 and 10 k training!?!?!?

from this: