Rest Day (07.26.2009)

Rest Day (07.26.2009)

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.26.2009)

4(5:00 max distance x 3:00 rest) for your choice of
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
Hold maximal distance possible on each of the 5 min rounds.
Foul if you loose distance on each round.
Foul = 2 min max rep Burpees

Post distances to comments.

Stable News:
This past week hit us like a hurricane, and we loved every second of it while holding on for dear life. Thinking back over the last few days brings to mind images of pain-striken faces, chests and backs heaving as lungs try to gulp whatever air they can, and the floor of the Stable littered with bodies and gear like a primitive field of slaughter. I'm not sure a spent CrossFitter counts as a corpse but at times there sure seemed to be little distinction between the two.
This Rest Day has been earned a hundred times over as our athletes continue driving relentlessly towards that next level of elite fitness. Not simply as individuals, but as a greater collective... a pack of wolves on the hunt. We are lucky to have such an environment as this with which to hammer ourselves into something new, better.
"The strength of the pack is in the beast, and the strength of the beast is in the pack.''--
An appropriate quote for a week full of friends and family drawing the strength to persevere from those they suffer and strive with every day.
Enjoy your day of Rest, Recovery, and leisure... we'll all be back in the fight tomorrow.

Thanks for coming up to train with us this past week, keep crushing WODs and come visit this new family of yours anytime you can.


Jennifer said...

Hey Samy,

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to hear Coach Glassman speak this weekend. He gave us some very interesting insights on his views of topics, including the past, present and future of crossfit, affliates, and the games. The team workout at the end was a blast and it was awesome to feel like a part of the crossfit family in Watertown.

I'm sure Jill will give you a much better run down on the day's goings-on. Hopefully Mike and I will be back in your neighborhood before you know it.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for making this wandering crossfitter so welcome in the Savage Society. It was great to meet some of the crew as well as get a different perspective on Crossfit. I am looking forward to my next visit. Take care all.