5k Time Trial (07.20.2009)

5k Time Trial (07.20.2009)
Complete a 5 Kilometer Run for time.

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.20.2009)
Longer Repeats for your choice of the following.
Swim: 2 x 500m/y holding best possible pace. Never slowing more than 4 sec per 500m/y. 2 min recoveries
Bike: 5 x 2miles holding best possible pace. Never slowing more than 5sec in even/odd directions. 2min recoveries.
Run: 4 x 800m holding best possible pace. Never slowing more than 3 sec from best interval. 2 min recoveries
C2: 4 x 1000m holding best possible pace. Never slowing more than 3 sec from best interval. 2 min recoveries
Foul if you slow more then indicated!
Foul = 1 min max Burpees

Post times to comments.

Stable News: Happy Birthday, Lynn!
Thank you for letting us participate in your birthday celebration... there's nothing like an overindulgence in the CrossFit Kool-aid for an athlete's ''special day''.
It's been a pleasure for us to watch as you continue to perform and thrive in the disciplines of CrossFit, it's only going to get more exciting from this point on. I think the best part is that it's become apparent to all of your comrades as well, perhaps they might be wary of a new firebreather in their midst?


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Sorry Don, I had to delete your accidental F-Bomb droppage.
This is a family website run primarily by my beard which took offense to your foul language.
Next time you are mad about a potential difficult WOD just do what you normally do... Cry.

Anonymous said...

5k Time Trial (07.20.2009)
Complete a 5 Kilometer Run for time.
24:10 Heidi

Anonymous said...

5K time trial

3K run for time 19:34. Knocked 4+ min off my last 3K time! I am LOVING this


Wes said...


Crossfit New England is holding a Contest August 29th. 2 events one day, spaced 2 hours apart. If you can do WOD's RX'd you better be there. And if you can't you better be there. They are having different categories based on whether or not you can do shit RX'd, so like i said you better be there. I better not be the only one there with a Crossfit NH t-shirt on.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

At the very least I'll try and come watch, if we are going to be abandoned by our Stable crew I will make sure to bring some really creepy things to keep us busy. Just imagine what they might be...

Wes said...

its been five minutes I hope somebody printed out there registration form and mailed it to crossfit new england

katie said...

Jefe' and I are in NC and stopped by for a workout at Crossfit Wilmington...gotta love their southern charm! Their WOD was max effort overhead squats, then three rounds of 20 thrusters (45 lbs) and 10 pull ups. We hopped in for the met con.
Jefe' 3:08
Katie 8:13

See everyone tomorrow...miss YA ALL so very much ya hear. (sorry samy)

ps - mikk, sweet job with the run!!!

Anonymous said...

hey samy, dont you always bitch about how big brother is watching?


Don Pepe

JoeG said...

i'll be doing the 5k tonite on treadmill thang.

sorry i missed out on the filthy-50 goodness ;P car is having issues, getting that resolved soon, i hope. bleah.


Anonymous said...

5k Time Trial
As Rx'd


Anonymous said...

Mike H
5k Time Trial Rx'd

Anonymous said...

5k Time Trial Rx'd

23:37 (actually 3.2 miles....hilly...going back to the rail trail next time - kidding Samy)

Mike L.

Anonymous said...

5K for Time
35:17 Shaved one little minute from my previous time. ChaCha

Bertimus Aurelius said...

5k Time Trial


Anonymous said...

Run 5K/24:02

Big Ben said...

5k time trial


I think I can do better though my ankle was notfeeling a 100% but I'm very happy with that time!

211 said...

Katie.... You meant y'all. Not ya all... Insert CRAZY laugh here!

Run 5k

Mike C. 22:40 pr

Jill 21:29.

Awesome work guys.

Ze German said...

3k for time:



Anonymous said...

Okay okay so I missed my favorite activity "running" Sorry Samy I really did not make it home until 7:45pm. Went "okay" at the Dr's for my sister...........you will have to give me crap tomorrow and I guess I will have to run another time to make up for it. I will do what you say "master"


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

How does "Deb, no worries an extra rest day is always a good thing for recovery..." become interpreted as enslaving you, giving you poop, and forcing you to finish WODs while everyone else dances onto the next training cycle? You are the craziest, most savage athlete we've got around here... so keep up the good work.
Just a few months left until your holiday gathering. We might have to give it an official dub as "The Reckoning"


Anonymous said...

YES DEADLIFTS!!!! Tomorrow will be glorious!

Don Pepe

Bertimus Aurelius said...

Don, I was just about to say that you are gonna be pleased with tomorrow's WOD.

May the blood of a thousand farm animals be spilled over the course of tomorrow's WOD. I know all of our fellow athletes will do outstanding.

Anonymous said...

joe f
3K run- 18:18