The glamour shot my logbook sent me

I've spent so long collecting data to train you I feel like me head is ready to explode. I am looking forward to getting a group up and running more than I can express in words.
I may or may not be downloading lectures on anatomy, bio, exercise physiology, and current research and study from various institutes and listening to them in the car, while showering, and even when playing Halo 3 (now I can't play without a lesson on damnit).


Grinster said...

Those lectures are so monotone you have to play video games or do something to stimulate your body. I have kept a log book before but nothing to the degree that your is made up of. I'll have to start keeping track of everything that I do. Your writing is so SMALL!

SRD said...

No way man, everyone will have way more fun just tracking the records they set during the workout. This program is so good at moving the stress around in the human organism that you will have a very good sense of yourself and how you are really feeling after some history is built up training. Sometimes it is nice to just go by feel, the only reason I attend to so much detail is because I HAVE to know the benefit on every level, I really try to use strict scientific method to find the good and dispel the worthless stuff so you end up way ahead of the power curve. Crossfit likes to use the "black box" idea, they consider themselves the black box and they throw stuff into it (all of the ways to train, exercises, nutrition, anything you do towards whatever your fitness goal is goes into that "box" which of course, equals you) From there they look at what comes out of the box (results) in the form of personal records representing total fitness, and how they feel. If it sucks it goes.