Simple Methods

  1. This program will use many types of metabolism in exercise (ways for the body to fuel its level of exertion).

  2. Over time you will recognize certain ratios of work to rest in training sessions and patterns to their frequency, this is how you will manipulate metabolism in a more efficient way. You will recover faster and make progress at an accelerated rate.

  3. The above will be exponentially affected by sound nutrition.

  4. The movements and exercises listed are all trying to work as much of the body as possible at a time, the way you would in any fight for your life.

  5. Training has been broken down into categories that I find the easiest to use in order to allow a specificity of training for those that also endeavor for success in a particular sport. Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Weighted Vests, Bear Crawls, Heavy Bags, Sandbags, Rocks... It is all here and you will learn how to use it.

  6. The program will run a gambit of variations, and this is in the design. Everything is for score against both yourself and the rest of the warriors here, it will be tons more fun and encouraging than you think right now.

  7. Initial fitness testing results will give you a very good grasp of where you are compared to these challenging workouts just by looking at both side by side. I will scale them for you as needed to still elicit the response desired while safely building your body and mind to a level where any of the training here is possible for you.

  8. Everyone has to start somewhere and a month from now I guarantee you will love the journey not just the summation of a training session. The same applies for abilities you might not have yet. I learned from scratch on a lot of this stuff as well.

The next post will contain a list of exercises for everyone to familiarize themselves with as well as a few workout samples and the initial fitness test.


BamBam said...

Will coach Nevil provide encouragement during bear crawls.

SRD said...

I ate Coach Neville's soul a while ago so he is indisposed for comment.