Upcoming Post Topics

-Training Safety Issues
Why safety is important both in the mechanics of the exercise and the training intensity. Also under this category will be our methods of actively training for flexibility using some methods from Pavel and the U.S. Gymnastics team. Joint mobility exercises and regiments will also be laid out for everyone with a way to test yourself initially and then measure progress.
-The Initial Fitness Test
A basic test of your ability to perform a given exercise type and overall fitness level. Don't worry if things are too difficult right now, and do not perform any exercise you have not been instructed in for safety. I will provide links and instruction where necessary. No one gets left behind here, no matter the time it takes to develop skills.
-List of exercise movements and skills involved in the training
These first two topics will be heavily dependent on our views of what fitness is and how to measure it
-Benchmark Workouts
Some of these you will recognize aspects of Crossfit named wod's as well as a mix of other obvious fitness concepts. Each will come up overtime for you to measure and compare your scores with, and some have been kept intact so worldwide leader boards can be used as a reference also (thank you logsitall.com and Crossfit.com). The connection between these benchmark workouts and above topics will be as plain stated and obvious as possible.
-Overall Program Outline
The big picture and how to schedule it based on my training experience, or use the two tools below to mix it all up your own way
-Training Matrix
A spreadsheet with different pages and lists of workouts categorized by the primary modes and methods involved
-Random Workout Generator
Flip a coin a bunch of times and create a random workout that covers the basics you need
-Nutrition Tool that logs all data for you
Nutrition is a whole separate game and I will use protocols from the Zone(simplicity), Paleolithic (common sense), and Intermittent Fasting (for those that think of nutrition as "a fucking miserable diet"). I found a tool that uses excel and math so you can click on the food and the portion size and have it automatically load a daily log for you. This is the same way I have set up a training log to map progress. Both these tools are instrumental in how accurate I can create and alter programs for those that are seeking more depth in training and wish me to personally train them.
-The one last thing in the works is "Myself"
Currently I am trying to get both certified and affiliated through Crossfit, eventually I will chase down every specialty they list and attend the seminars. My search has already lead me to other organizations such as Gym Jones and they are become more exclusive by the second. Right now I just need to pay the bills and I want do my part to bring this community of survivalists together. Much more to come on this topic...

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