Words from Crossfit's founding father:

"We've taken high intensity, constantly varied, functional workouts and distilled load, range of motion, exercise, power, work, line of action, flexibility, speed, and all pertinent metabolics to a single value - usually time. This is the sport of fitness. We're best at it."

- Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit


Grinster said...

You know, I used to think that ultimate fitness was all about strength and speed. But there is so much more to it that I never thought. I now realize that in order to perform at ones best physical level (such as sports) it is important to achieve overall fitness rather than just hitting the gym and lifting weights. After researching crossfit, and some of the points you incorporate into your workouts, I realized that I have been missing out on so much.

SRD said...

It definitely made me hungry to know more and I have been chasing sources ever since. At times I get worried people will get intimidated but that's what I am here for, to be the filter so all those big scary words and lists and stuff won't hurt you. I still want to throw it out there but it will feel good once you guys are rolling with the program and waiting impatiently to find out about the next days workout, scoring and competing ends up being an obsession and the environment that you guys will make really adds a whole new element of training enjoyment. I think its kinda like any situation people share that involves strife.