Knocking at the door?

If you have read through the information posted and really desire to train with me then this is the first step. Below is a very simple workout that covers six different types of exercise, none of which will last more than about 3 minutes in duration. If you do not have access to a rowing machine then for that part of your fitness test your should go and TRY TO FIND ONE as it will become an invaluable tool in the programming here.
By no means is this a list of the only things you will be tested on. Over the course of 1 Block of training you will encounter easily 100+ standards of fitness collected over the workouts and benchmark test-outs, but we really need to start somewhere, right?

The Initial Fitness Test:
-Warm up (at least 10:00 of light activity at the end of which you should be sweating lightly)
-Run 400 meters for time
-Rest 1:00
-Max # of Pull-ups in 1:00
-Rest :30
-Max # of Squats in 1:00
-Rest :30
-Max # of Push-ups in 1:00
-Rest :30
-Max # of sit-ups in 1:00
-Rest :30
-Row 500 meters for time
-Cool down and take an easy effort stretch out
Email me your scores and I will get right back to you with some info to help you in starting out. The first step is always the hardest and I admire the courage involved in any undertaking like this.

Soon we will have a rankings and score section for members to post results and compete no matter their location. This will only foster and motivate, it is not meant to demean anyone and such will not be tolerated in this society. Don't be an asshole here or I will find you.

Starting level of fitness is inconsequential to me, this data is only to give you somewhere to start. If you can only do 1 pull-up then drop down off the bar after that repetition and use as much of your 1:00 to attempt another. If you can't do pull-ups yet then email me and I will give you alternatives for your initial fitness test. This goes for any and every exercise included here or in any of the workouts you see.


BamBam said...

Due to the rowing portion I will wait until Nuri's gym is running for this test. Which is soon... once the paint dries we should be in there. Ross/Nuri is there going to be a deal worked out so the fitness center that is right next door will be part of the membership fees?

BamBam said...

Can I get a dummy's guide to nutrition... Some thing like a sample days meal plan and a list of substitutes for each portion. You know me I eat what I want and don't drink any water until I have to get ready for a competition then I drink a lot of water and don't eat anything. Because thinking about nutrition as I go hurts my brain. Or I'm just lazy.

SRD said...

Hey Ben,
For the fitness center next door question: All I can answer for sure about is when I am there. The gym owner knows I am training there and the fitness part is unlocked and always open, Nuri has a key for me so I can get us in 24/7, I am not sure what the deal is for when you guys are just dropping by on your own but I'll call him tomorrow and post an answer.
For the nutrition question: I will definitely put up a section in the next 24 hours with some simple guidelines. But basically it all comes down to eating food in its most naturally occurring state. Base all your meals around lean protein (chicken, turkey, eggwhites, etc.) and try to keep all carbs coming from fruits and veggies, stay away from starches. Cut carbs out as the day goes on and other than a multi-vitamin maybe take some omega fatty acid pills if anything. Water should be constant, if you are thirsty then you are dehydrated already (for real). Caffeine, coffee, sugar, and artificial sweeteners all deyhdrate you so don't consider them before a hard session of training. Thanks for commenting.

Grinster said...

The squat portion of this assessment is at what weight? Just wanted to know so I can send you my #'s.

SRD said...

If a movement is with a "weight" it would be preceeded by how to load it. Example, Barbell Front Squats, Kettlebell Overhead Squats, 20-LB weighted vest squat jumpts...

For this initial test just use bodyweight squats while observing the best body mechanics you can. Weight on heels, parallel thigs to floor or lower at bottom, straight spine, level head, shoulders square and back. Use your arms for balance or momentum as long as mechanics aren't compromised.

No matter what you will find fatigue gets in the way of "perfect form" if there was such a thing, especially at intense levels of exertion. Do your best and by the time the training comes around again it will take longer for form to degrade, thats the learning curve.

SRD said...

Most exercises have awesome video descriptions at crossfit.com mainsite. I will use them as a reference often because they simplify without losing important elements. Money I make through this training goes directly to me getting certified through them so I can run actual workout-of-the-day classes for people that really like the style of training. I love most of their stuff but I really wanted to bring you guys some other sources as well.