Saturday Training

Website and Training News:
Bought the domain name thesavagesociety.com but so far I have had a lot of trouble moving this from the public name it resides on now to the Custom Domain. I have google apps now, it came with the domain name but I am totally unfamiliar with it and the tutorials all suck ass. If anyone knows anything about this system I could definitely use some help.

Costs of training are still under debate but things are kind of taking shape. I think the breakdown might be more online based from which the schedule for training groups or 1-1 sessions will form. Once we have something regular going I will move into how nutrition education and coaching will go but for now just ask if you have questions.
I would like to have two separate groups running with a membership fee based on a full rotation of training (little bit more than a month). What I will do is put an access link to get into a password protected forum where daily training will be prescribed and posted. People that are in the group submit times and scores and they will be ranked against the rest of the group (and once you reach the necessary level of competition perhaps the world). I hate the fact that I have to charge people money to tell them stuff they could easily read and learn on their own, but I guess if they wanted to do that they wouldn't want to pay me in the first place. Even so it's hard for me to charge the amount of money that the affiliates of Crossfit average, it seems like a lot.

Just an online programming outline and coaching isn't what membership will be, I will run a training schedule based on the groups needs during the week (price will reflect 3-5 sessions a week of roughly 1 hour, see end notes below for more on content). The first group will most likely a broader specrum of training modalities to bring everyone an ideal and full foundation of fitness. Yes, it will be hard and intense but it will not be something anyone will feel exluded by if they look at a list of the exercises and movements it will contain.

Running for example is something most people either don't like or feel they need some serious work on but aren't looking forward to it. We will use benchmark distances as our measure scoring. Throughout the program various distances of time trials will pop up (ex: Run max distance possible in 20:00 or 3 sets of 1000m with 2:00 rest between sets) The general group won't be going out and ripping up 15k's but a follow on group might once the base of fitness is there.

The developmental stage of training will be covered in class on Sat. and will be supported by a Powerpoint slideshow of the class for you to dl if you missed it. That will be the format for most of what you will be learning. I am not going to stuff you full of information you don't care about beyond the "why am I doing this?" and "what is my objective?" topics.

Already there are over 250 hits on the site which is pretty badass. Make sure to set up some kind of email notification (at the submit part of the commenting process). There are already a few conversations going which is great. Obviously for no charge the main posting and news section here will remain open to the public and contain all sorts of material from journal article links of interest to teaser workouts to get people curiosity up about the rest of the programming.

I am available whenever people want the class and training Saturday, the earlier the better. I really hope there is a good turn out, as soon as there is enough interest group 1 will be out the gate.

Post in the comments here or email me about Saturday if you are interested. Oh, and it doesn't cost anything to come to this.

End note:

I finished putting together all the methods of developing the different movements that people have found most challenging. There are short workouts that focus on skill development in every area and starting at any level. What I did was take the movements and blend them up in a way that they will be used as the warm-up for the training session. Basically everyone would meet and we would jump in with say: 1 legged squat and power clean development (don't throw any movement out until you try it, I am kicking myself for not having an open mind for my first six years of conditioning).

The basic movements that comprise each are broken down following the same methods that you will see in the program and should remain challenging enough that you will sweat but not feel like throwing in the towel at summation. In addition there are other things involved in the warm-up available to cover our needs if there is a gap created by the exercise or ability we are working on. (Overhead pressing or developing the Iron Cross on the rings might not be a total warm-up, so we will flesh it out with some other modalities.) I am very satisfied and confident that as a group we can develop any of these challenging abilities.


Grinster said...

So will Saturday just be a basic meet for people that want to train with you? Is this is the nutrition and introduction meeting you were talking about earlier? I think Saturday would be good. Just let me know where and what time you plan on meeting. I will get you those initial test numbers so you can tell me how out of shape I am haha.

SRD said...

On saturday there will be just a broad concept of fitness class covering the basics and why we are doing what we are doing. After that I will run the initial fitness test for those that need it, and I will also bring 1 or 2 types of the different workouts based on their format differences and deviation from each other. Some will be really challenging but there should be a good number of people there and I will stay all day so they can get a feel for the training and compete as long as they want.