Just a quick note to everyone (seems strange to actually have blog readers and visitors now!) I am all set up at the new apartment and have the internet back online so please forgive my short hiatus. Things in Nashua are looking good and Nuri was down there with some of the other guys last night trying to put up the wall matting.

I wanted to say hello to some of the new members here that have come over to check us out from the Crossfit Mainsite. I know a lot of the local Crossfitters in New Hampshire are coming out of their hermit holes now that we are sort of sounding that call.

I finished the programming for a foundation and abilities training schedule, very easily scalable to any level of fitness, and by the end of this week we should have a class schedule set up for the Nashua location.

I also have been working on the "garage gym" which is actually turning out pretty badass and will provide anyone very near the Manchester area a great spot to rip some new PR's on wods and such. I am still not ready to move this over to the custom domain site because I am not familiar enough with google apps, but it should happen shortly. I will be back later today with more tasty information and some training examples for you guys to try out until we can all get together. We should be in the final push here now, and as soon as I have the money I will be travelling to the cert and affiliation seminars that are the closest on the calendar so we can really get started up here in New Hampshire... I don't know about you but I am tired of bullshit gyms and wouldn't mind the competitive environment other crossfitters bring to training.

Thanks for the website feedback, please keep it coming.


Melissa Urban said...

I can safely speak for other NH CrossFitters when I say we're willing to help, too. You need something, just put the word out. I'll do whatever I can to get you guys up and running.

And thanks for the link.

SRD said...

I just talked to David on the phone and I think he is going to come down and check out the location to see if we can work something out for his daughters' soccer team. You guys are all so nice, I really appreciate it. I fixed the link to your site so it works now. Let me know if you want to get our Greeley team together or something and come break in this new place sometime.

Sailorcrew said...

Hi Sam,

Good to talk to you yesterday. Like Melissa said, what ever you need, let us know. I've got an 18 member U16 girls soccer team to train with the likelihood of another dozen U13's. Add all of the parents driving these kids to the training plus the coaches and you will get some good exposure. Let me know when I can meet you over in Nashua, David.

Grinster said...

It's about time Ross. Glad you have everything up and running. I'll have those base #'s up asap so that we can figure out what workout schedule would be best. I look forward to everything going smoothly. Good luck.

Patrick Haskell said...

Good to see you getting up and running, Samy. There's a big gap in NH. This thing could really take off for you.

SRD said...

Thanks Patrick, I felt the same way. There is no reason that almost every other state has multiple venues for training the way we all want to and NH doesn't. I just want to be able to share all this stuff that I really love to study and practice with other people. I want it to take off but not really for me other than paying some bills, I want to see other people get as excited as I am to train this way. It's great for me to be able to transcend the needs of military and mma fighters as well as regular folks who want to be something more than a globo freak. The vehicle for this has universally been Crossfit, I just mix in some other specific tools I have studied over the years when necessary. I'll declare victory when our Greeley park group gets together again and tries FGB for some new PR's in the gym there haha.