Short Note before the posting frenzy later on...

I hope everyone had a chance to relax during Thanksgiving and heal up a little... we all know know Ben and Mike did with their strict diet regimens (containing the rough and disciplined staples of beer and hamburger fried in other fattier hamburger). All I can ask for is to have all my dear savages to be able to feast like these fellows below...

This post is to update everyone on what is going on for training in the next 24 hours. I will be coming down to Nashua to train any fighters that want to come in between 6:00-7:30. Last time things ran a little bit longer but only because everyone was unfamiliar with the format of how our sessions run. If you are planning on coming in please let me know so I have something for you that is adjusted for where you are in the program. I know Nuri is taking the rest of the week off (he definitely could use a break after spending the last few months trying to set everything up down there at the gym while also trying to get married)

Also coming tonight is a materials list that covers common things that would be easily aquired if we just pay attention, we can all trash pick together.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some more gym equipment and the next project in my queue is tobe make some kettlebell imposters out of disasembled dumbbell pieces for everyone, at least you will have something that weighs a decent and challenging weight but still allows the dynamic movements that KB's are awesome for. Still not a single spent penny on gear, which means I am either stubborn and ignorant or thrifty as hell and saving really well for a not too distance Crossfit Cert in the future. I don't know about anyone else but within a month I think we will be well on our way to an affiliated business here, the final step before I can really just start providing awesome detail to everyone's training sessions.

It is becoming important for me to hurry up and schedule a second group of training because a lot of people have been asking about it. Within the next week or so the format with what I am posting will adjust slightly with a small divider so everyone knows where to get their training assignments and submit scores head to head against other people in their own groups. So far (yeah I know it hasn't even been that long) the logs I have been keeping are working fine, but I will try and master one of the data ranking websites soon so everyone has more control over what gets put where.

So right now I am in Nashua on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00pm onward and we will be putting any other groups that want to form around those time slots (I have no problem with other days during the week I just felt that the more exposure each group had to the others the faster the environment could be fostered where everyone is basically right at home going 110% against each other and having some serious competitive fun with it.

Last night I got some great feedback on the garage gym (soon enough we will have sessions for 2-4 people to come train here in Manchester in the morning, and I it will be available to anyone else whenever they call me and set up a schedule they would like to use it. I can can arrange things so I will be able to come by and unlock it and then whoever is using it can re-engage the lock by just twisting the lift handle so there will be no key needed really. I think everyone appreciates some privacy now and then to get crazy with some weight stacks... which I am about to go back and get to work on right now.

Justin joined the site last night and then came by and got to try some kettlebell and Slam Ball stuff. He gave the impression that it was a pretty nice set-up and had a lot of potential. Those of you that know me should understand that I would never let anyone near it unless it was a perfect training hovel that exuded a sense of being in a truly professional and thus beneficial training evironment to immerse yourselves in. I am getting all fired up thinking of the opportunities we are going to have soon. The affiliation with Crossfit comes up once agian! (When they finally let me throught their cert. I will get right to work turning the local Mom's or Average Joe's into physically mutated, car-tossing, acid spitting beasts. I am also very optimistic in regards to the Mountaineering, Rockclimbing, and Adventure Racing training group I would am pushing forward with as well. Just because mountains are big doesn't mean they are tough...I mean look at the Old Man in the Mountain, he just gave up on himself once day.
The creative aspect of training groups that need a little more specificity in training (what is it they want to get out of this) is a whole I also want to keep all our doors open to one another so new guys or other group members can persue any curiosity or interest they have in a different kind of programming.

No more posting until I level more dirt floor in the garage damnit! Well this one didn't turn out to be in the "short" note family but whatever. I hope we get a good crowd tonight, I have some new and exciting stimuli for all the lab metabolic lab rats out there in the shadows (I count 15 so far under the training disciples section...mmmm sweet like protein).

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