Tuesday Results

I just wanted to make a quick note/post before I get to some serious upload work in a bit, coming later today will be a calendar with the training schedule so people can add groups or single sessions around that (email me or call for a request).

Notes from Tuesday Night:
I got to finally meet David Sailor and plan out some things for his soccer team training, which I am really starting to look forward to running with him. He is a Crossfit Certified Instructor so it was a great head check for me to show him what I am doing in regards to programming and design.
Nuri, Ben, Brad, Todd and the rest of the fight team also came in. I got to meet some new guys as well and it was motivating to see them all work that hard on their fitness test the very first night. We covered a basic overview of what we are doing here with the fight team, who I am, and why I am bringing these styles of training to them. I went through a cursory definition and background of the aspects of fitness, the exercises and skills we use in programming, and how it all fits together under the competitive and fun as hell umbrella of competitive scoring. Hopefully we start to see those guys trickle by the site today and join, they all should at somepoint because I will post workouts and challenge hw for them to do on their training days that they don't come to the facility. I am still toying with the layout of the ranking system and how it will look best but for right now I will put up some of the leaders in the pack so far.

-8:00 easy jog warm-up while covering run basics (following the P.O.S.E. guidelines)
-3 rounds of (400m sprint/1:00 recovery walk) Scoring distance(mi)
-Walk recovery and drink water 2:00
-Max reps of Burpees in 2:00 Time Trial
It sounds simple but these guys were tearing through it all out

Ben was able to hold the best pace getting .2 .22 .2 for his three distances. This test isn't so much a test of how far can you go each set but if you can recover in enough time to repeat and hold you near maximal pace.

Dan tore through the burpees scoring 36 in the 2:00 but there were some demons on his heels.

I'll be putting up some picture slideshows on the site a little later too, I am just getting some help for stuff like that from Melissa (webdesign wizard)

More to come in a bit.


Grinster said...

Damn I wish I wasn't at school in Boston so I could start working out with you during the week. Too bad I'm only home on the weekend. We'll have to see if there's something we can work out.

SRD said...

Sure bro, you just let me know what you think.