Optional Fighter Training for today

Everyone please meet "Pukie the Clown"
After last night the fighters know why this is Crossfit's mascot

Nuri decided to cancel the Thursday training session, I guess he is celebrating some waste of time holiday or something. I will continue to post new workouts for different groups as needed. Ben and Chris wanted to keep going so this would be the next session I included in the Fight Team Program.

Skill Based Warm-ups
(Speedrope and wooden dowel)
"Burgener Drills" for 3 rounds with 2:00 sets of speed rope inbetween them

Run for 20:00 (time trial)
I really need this data before we jump into crossfitendurance.com programming so do this part first, you will also score better if you run outside and note at what intersection you stop at with a watch set for 20:00, then plot the distance on mapmyrun.com

Candy: 5 Rounds for total time
20 Pull-ups
40 Push-ups
60 Squats

If you can do 20 pull-ups then great but if it takes you 5:00 in between sets of 2 reps at a time then your score will reflect that, its by any rep scheme you need to finish the session but make sure you do it in order. 20 pullups THEN 40 Push-ups etc.
Post your scores in the comments section.


Sailorcrew said...

Hi Sam,

That's a great amount of work you put up on the blog, the information alone will keep us all busy.

That is a particularly nasty version of "Fight Gone Bad". Two rounds looked like the right amount.

Did "Mr Joshua" just now, 27:04. Deadlifts were unbroken, runs on the treamill, situps were split 50/50: full range ghd situps and ghd situps to parallel to avoid paralysis for the next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, David.

SRD said...

Thanks for commenting! I almost want to show up at random times in the night and forcing people to put stuff in the comments section. I love putting up stuff like that, things are definitely full steam ahead now.

Mr. Joshua looked pretty tough, I need to find a GHD so I can do those in the garage...I mean make things more accomodating for training people in the garage.

A new favorite I had some fun with is 500m Row x 95lb Hang-Clean/Front Squat/Thrusters for 3 rounds, thanks to Crossfit Endurance once again I cut my PR from 12:02 to 10:10 in less than 20 days. I should do more of the Mainsite schedule but to be honest I will always get carried away with spinning the wod in new ways that I think would be better or harder, I love the programming but unless I workout with you or my buddy Ditolla who are dedicated then I am scewed haha.

I don't post what I do usually because I don't want people flipping out about how that volume is to much but what I am doing is trying to ilter stuff fast for everyone and it all has to go through me first so things stay professional and people beleive in what I put out for training.

SRD said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well, sir.

BamBam said...

Hey I did the pull-up push-up squat portion but didn't have time for the run as I recruited another follower and brought him through the workout we did yesterday. So I will do the run and post it later.

My score for the 20-40-60 exercise was 20min 53sec.

Dave is the new recruit to the savage society. He did the workout from yesterday with 30sec rounds and 95lbs on the bar.

Dave's numbers for round one were.
7,8,13,6,9 (thruster,berpy,pull-up,soomo,box)
round two: 7,5,77,10

SRD said...

That's badass Ben, and to anyone else reading the comments we need to make it clear that you hate letters and words and often spell things wrong to "stick it to the man".

I have a desktop file for now that keeps track of all the workouts, their schedule as people finish them, and scores. Right now it is just a bunch of individual word files until I have the time to look at Logsitall.com or the Athleticslog.com sites and find out which would be an easier system to embed for everyone to access and us to use.

Tell Dave that I said welcome and that he should just come join the site. Make sure you aren't throwing people into the fire too soon, Ben, I mentioned that stuff earlier about Safety and I meant it. You would be the exception to the rule I guess since you come from the same training background and have way more common sense (it takes up the whole spelling part of your brain) than most.

Nothing wrong with breaking up the workouts that I post any way you guys want, you will definitely score better.

BamBam said...

Follow this quick link to the picture of my post workout dinner they're getting slightly better than the fast food.


I'm going for a hybrid diet that's a cross between Atkins and daily carb-loading. It also involves 5 second bursts of vegetarian so I can choke down some of the green stuff on the left. I just have to have someone close when I finish so I can quickly stone cold stun them after I slam the beer.

BamBam said...
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BamBam said...
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SRD said...

Stop corrupting the more impressionable minds around here...like Mike.