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Here are a few quotes to kick off a pretty good sized post this morning which is meant to cover some basic foundations, concepts, and definitions that will help put some of our training in context for you. I think the quotes below do a pretty good job of summing up the CrossfitEndurance.com training mentality, keep in mind they most definitely do not cover the entire mindset of these firebreathers (Yes, Jefe, I actually said firebreathers).

I have no idea where I found those first two quotes, or even if they are part of the third so hopefully no one faster, quicker, and more explosive than me copyrighted them and gets pissed.
1. "Speed kills. And gut-wrenching toil is the only way to improve it. Speed destroys the competition emotionally and physically. It eliminates your competition's opportunity to battle back and will render them useless. But to possess speed you must be prepared for the relentless and unyielding approach. While speed is the ultimate weapon of destruction, in truth it is manifested through the undeniable will of the human spirit."
2. "High maximum speed does not by itself guarantee athletic success. EXPLOSIVE POWER is required to accelerate rapidly, change direction rapidly, or get your entire body or a body part moving rapidly."
3. "Fast, explosive movements of the entire body, which occur in the starting and acceleration phases of sprinting or of adjusting a body part to start a new movement or rapidly change direction, demonstrate an athlete's QUICKNESS."
-from Dintiman, Ward, Tellez Sports Speed, Human Kinetics 1997

Everyone is probably familiar with the terms stated in the quotes and could explain what they mean without looking in a dictionary. I think (hope) that people are visiting this site and training with us because they want to be faster, quicker, and explosive while also being proficient in a number of other physical forms of prowess, the development of which makes for easy and overwhelming kills in the cage, field, or sporting arena.

I would like everyone to please read through the 10 aspects of fitness that I am listing below. I am sure some of you have stumbled across these already by looking around our posted links and resources but please note the Crossfit version is broad, inclusive, and probably the best bet for finding some way to "define" fitness.

It will benefit you if you actually read the definitions thoroughly, and I bet that most of these words come with explanations that are in many ways different from what you previously thought they would be. These aspects and how they relate to your capabilities and performance levels are only a small piece of the foundation we are trying to put down here, they absolutely a great place to start our travels on this uncrowded road that happens to be littered with new and challenging concepts.

The following is verbatim out of a free Crossfit Journal Article that I will post a link to so everyone can download the PDF (it is full of top notch information regarding training)

Ten Aspects of Fitness

1. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance: The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
2. Stamina: The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
3. Strength: The ability of one or more muscular units to apply force.
4. Flexibility: The ability to maximize the range of motion involving a given joint.
5. Power: The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in a minimum amount of time.
6. Speed: The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
7. Coordination: The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
8. Agility: The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another
9. Balance: The ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.
10. Accuracy: The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

-Improvements in Endurance, Stamina, Strength, and Flexibility come from training in the sense that you will perform an activity designed to enhance performance through measurably organic changes in the body.
-Improvements in Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy come from practice as related to an activity that stimulates change in the nervous system.
-Improving Power and Speed require adaptations involving both training and practice.

My objectives for a minimum of the first month of training is to develop a solid foundation of fitness for each Fighter, Sniper, Marine, Cop, Criminal, Mother, or any other category of nutcase. Other efforts that are designed to paralell this fundamental and critical objective will have a heavy emphasis in the realm of skill development. This will allow us to draw on a greater and thus more effective pool of stimuli without losing valuable time learning everything from square one (by the way, you are all minimalists now when it comes to training philosophies).

The quote below is the best conceptual outline of what we are striving for as a terminal objective when preparing someone for any arena of combat.

"We are working here to develop in each fighter the ability to actively recover using multiple metabolic processes while maintaining the overwhelming ferocity of fighting at a tempo the enemy considers on par with maximal, near maximal, or humanly impossible.”

Moving on...
The next block of information is the simplest example available explaining the different types of metabolism we are capable of and how this is related to physical expenditure (a fancy way of saying "how we are able to produce and use energy") I don't want to throw too much content at you all in one shot otherwise I don't think anyone will retain anything (I forget sometimes that not everyone enjoys the science behind what we are doing here, but I am going to force feed you anyway). This will be your last "class" for the day.

The content below also comes directly out of a Crossfit Journal Article (same one actually) and it should be noted that this content (the 10 accepted physiological aspects of fitness and the breakdown of energy and metabolism) is not in any way original or exclusive to Crossfit. All these articles do is collect and present a compilation data in a format that is both easy to understand and use as a teaching tool because the Crossfit people put the effort into making it as inclusive as possible.

Metabolic engines (your energy systems) Providing energy for all human action. Total fitness requires competency and training in each of these engines:
1. Phosphagen engine (anaerobic) -dominates the highest powered activities (those that last less than 10 seconds.)
2. Glycolytic engine (anaerobic) -dominates moderate powered activities (those that last up to several minutes.)
3. Oxidative engine (aerobic) -dominates low-powered activities that last in excess of several minutes.

I lied, one more reading assignment for you below and then you are done ... This is a great 3rd party resource that explains in a bit more detail and includes details on the infamous "lactate shuttle". Enjoy, you savages.


Grinster said...

My brain hurts from reading all these big words...haha I thought we were just being turned into trained machines. But seriously lots of good information. I'll be home tonight and would like to start traing this week if possible.

SRD said...

Anytime you want, I will be down there most nights around 7, the schedule is set to start Dec 1st but I've been training the fighters that want to get ahead, come by whenever you want and I will give you a couple tests to try out so we can scale all your training to keep your progress curve nice and steep.