They can't hide

Good news for us came up today. I got a message from Patrick Haskell today which led all the way to a sign up for the level 2 Crossfit Certification Seminar in Boston (Dec6-7) Beacuse we are the Robin Hoods and Hoodlems of the Crossfit industry the opportunity came up to attend the cert as a guinea pig for the rest of the people there to practice their coaching and instructions on. Have no fears, you may or may nor know how adept I am at eating souls so the time I spend there will be great for me to grab what I can and bring back some knowledge and maybe networking for the rest of you. I'm just going to bring a tent and stake them out until I work myself into the strange social society of crossfitter instructors. I just thought this was kinda cool so I want to let you guys know.

From the calendar and pics Melissa is putting up there will be training workouts put together already in case the team isnt getting together that day. We will have to be sorta flexible with this, all you have to do is keep slaughtering yourselves and drink tons of water. More to come later, for now I will be over here in the shadows listening.

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