Brainstorming for Gear

This post is about the results of the first contact that I made with the Concept 2 company in regards to using their articles as resources on our site. I got and e-mail the following morning and things have definitely grown from there. I wanted to show how accomodating and supportive this lady was considering I didn't expect a reply soon or ever because Concept 2 is huge and I am a single celled organism (shut-up Justin) by comparison.

This is awesome; we’re psyched to see an affiliate in NH. We’re in VT and have a lot of the staff CrossFitting in our gym here. We’re big fans! I forwarded your information to Greg Hammond (our MMA guy) and Tracy Desrocher (our CrossFit sales manager) and they may be in touch shortly looking for more information. This is very cool!

I already told you that Greg replied to me (two posts back) and when I wrote him back the e-mail was massive. I definitely felt like I couldn't leave anything out since this was a huge opportunity for people like Meredith and Greg to even check out the site and let me know what they thought. I told both of them about how I was going to enter the photo contest with Concept 2 so we could try and win a model D rower (1st prize is a lofty goal, I know, but think about having a rower here in the garage gym...mmmm delicious). I was secretly hoping they would just tell me that they had a few lying around that they would Fed-ex to me by the following morning but I got the next best thing, an insider tip on the spread. Below is here response:

This is awesome – it sounds like you are really building up the affiliate from the ground up. It rocks! And yes, get some cool photos in the contest for that Model D giveaway. Some hints…. Would love to see people look tough & strong (and not necessarily about to puke – maybe even smiling in a “this is killing me” way) in some neat environments… anything from outside, to your basement, to the new affiliate. Get a group together doing other fitness activities in the background. Mix it up! Get some MMA fighting moves in the photo with the indoor rower in the background. Would LOVE to see that.
Happy Turkey Day!

Ok, here is my idea list so far.
1. Light myself completely on fire (like the Rage Against the Machine cover with the monk on it) and after a pheonix like rebirth we should claim our prize.
2. still thinking...

I am looking for any ideas or volunteers or anything here, I really think we could do a few pretty sicky things, maybe make Nuri wear all his belts because they mentioned trying to connect MMA and Concept 2 is a priority for them. Throw down some ideas in the comment section and see what other people think, don't be scared to comment to other people even though you might not know each other yet because the benefit of you guys accepting this as an open forum that is always developing is something I am striving to encourage.


BamBam said...
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BamBam said...

I will be in the fore ground of the picture at the top of a ridiculously High weight High pull with a big smile. Then someone on my back right about to land a kick to the back of my head. and on my back left will be you on a rower waring a gas mask. The title will be "light training day". Contest over.

SRD said...

That's not bad, we should actually try doing a bunch of different pictures because the ad for the contest doesn't say we can't. I wish we could carry the rower somewhere hilarious. Like a circus...those are always a barrel of laughs.