Big Ideas

This picture should give you an idea of where we are headed.

Ok, here are the top answers to questions we are getting about the gym. Feedback from all of you guys is more than influential about how these things turn out so keep it coming. It's nice to have Crossfitters on the site that are familiar with how blogs and comments work now haha.

For pricing I am always a bit nervous about throwing numbers out there because I would do this for free if I could afford it. If someone wants to train at the gym with open access any time, train in 3 MMA classes per week, and take part in the 3 functional fitness style conditioning workouts that bookend the MMA classes (including warm-up, cooldown, flexibility training) the price is $150.00 a month. I will have Nuri post his info here so he can post other pricing and combo options, I just know that is the "all included" fee he is offering.

I am trying to put together some hours (totally dependent on feedback from you guys) so that I can offer three classes during the week in addition to this where we will be training as a group and covering all the fundamentals which are so important to developing real world fitness. Once I get affiliated these three classes will morph into a more traditional Crossfit workout, where terms are easily recognizable off the main site. Any money earned right now on my part will go directly towards a cert and affiliation, so hopefully by the new year we will be running our own Crossfit Affiliate hand in hand with Nuri's MMA gym.

Right now the gym is being equipped as we go with all kinds of functional training tools, bumper plates is next on Nuri's mind. As we go things will only become broader in our opportunities to train.

I was thinking along the lines of 100.00 a month for three sessions per week or $20 per session for those that can't make it that often. Classes will start next week on Tues for MMA Fighter conditioning and if the demand is there I will run something before or after I train all the fighters. The first class will cover basics, safety, and concepts. We will workout but learning is much more important in the first half of this hour session. I also want to leave the first session anyone attends as free so people don't lose anything by trying something new.

Ok, give me some feedback, I am hungry for some more criticism.

Expect some website tweaks as well, thanks to Melissa and her expertise in this area. Her site kicks ass and if anyone wants to check her out there is a link under our friends section.

On a final note CrossfitEndurance.com is going to play a huge role in our training here for running and rowing as well. I have had immense success in my first month of training with their program, and now that I am in month 4 the results have only multiplied and assimilated into other athletic endeavors. Definitely check them out. Going to one of their Running Certs is an immediate priority once our Affiliate is on the official Crossfit Map.


BamBam said...

So its all going down today. right?

BamBam said...

Who made the cool Savage Society Logo?

BamBam said...

Lets Get Tattoos!

SRD said...

I dunno about tattoos aren't they kinda like saying you are a bad person or something? Melissa Byers made the logo, she has been badass with her help.

Tonight is the night... I would like to cover all the basics, show everyone all the movements and explain the fundamentals, cover safety, run a workout to get a some data from those that really want to train so that every workout can be scaled to ability (thats how people will keep their adaption curves nice and steep)