The Overall Leaderboard Rules

Conratulations to Ben on being the first guy from our Savage Society to make it onto the official leaderboard with a Candy time of 20:53. I am toying with a spreadsheet and subpage method of putting up this leaderboard on the site. The reason it is taking so long is because there are basically two tiers of leaderboard stats that you can get on, no matter your training group. Once this Overall Leaderboard is formatted I will be posting group based ones for the workouts you perform daily so everyone can compete on a few different levels.

First of all there are the Named training benchmarks that represent a massive diversity of origins and you can expect this list to get larger as time goes on. Right now there are about 30 or 40 that are already planned to come up periodically in training and you can win a spot two ways: Perform the workout in front of me during one of the sessions when your group meets up, or submit your score if you do the workout within the following day from when I post it. The honor system is in effect and to make your score count for the Overall Leaderboard you need to perform the training as it was originally intended (scaling is designed to bring you to a level so you can join the overall rankings, don't rush it just because you want to get on the Overall Leaderboard), this is called performing a workout as "prescribed" or "RX'd".

The second part of the Overall Leaderboard is skill dependent and involves the total package of what we want to be able to do as Savages, Crossfitters, Marines, whatever. The skills are largely broken down based on an awesome downloadable scoring system that rates your skill by 4 levels of performance standards (thank you Crossfit Seattle http://www.crossfitseattle.com/knowledge.html) which we modified and added to based on other resources (Like Crossfit Endurance http://www.crossfitendurance.com/). You can download this and other texts by following the links at the top like the one about Skill Heirarchies. If you didn't want to look at either the named workouts or this list you could still end up making the cut because all of this will eventually come up in training. If during a workout someone meets a standard for a fitness level title then they are good to go. I will definitely need help keeping an eye out for that, but I rarely miss things as I go off of those charts often. You can also pick any of those skill level tests and request the test out from me anytime you want. Just email me or call and it shall be done. This will get a lot more fun once more names get up there, it's going to be vicious once the U16 soccer players start smoke checking the fighters.

Rowing, Running, Biking: 20 minute Time Trial
To begin the Crossfit Endurance based portion of training you need submit some information first. To start (even if it means walking part or all of it) I need the results of your first 20:00 Time Trial. Email them to me or post them in the current topic's comment section. Once I have that time trial information we can start adjusting all your endurance intervals and tempo training to your current ability. Watch how much progress you will see in the first 10 days of training. If you are unfamiliar with the rowing machine then follow the link for Concept 2's website, which has more technique and "getting started" content than I could wish for. I started using the rowing machine as an infrequent stimulus and now I structure sessions for myself with it by itself. The resulting progress has been an effect felt across the board and my personal logbook and PR's show it.

Training Forecast:
-Skill work for this week will continue to address the olympic lifts with variations of the Burgener Warm-up that added some things to. Now that the group knows what we are using for a training format we can keep our warm-ups around 10 minutes. Expect to see three new movements that we will be working on: Kettlebell Swings, Deadlifts, and Handstand Push-ups.
-The main workouts will continue to rotate based on their format and what types of training they involve.
-For groups that are meeting for the first time there will be a 15:00 class prior covering the basics of safety and training concepts. This has all been reinforced through links on this page and you can expect it to evolve as we go.
-For groups that have already had their first real training session there will be a brief talk before training covering everything you will be confronted with during the session. This is to get everyone thinking and developing because an education is mandatory for progress.
-Expect to spend some quality time with the C2 Rower as well.

The Garage Gym:
I have kept my eyes peeled and now there is too much gear in there to keep collecting stuff. I really need some help with putting down the floor, which will have tires underneath a part for olympic platform lifting needs. The rest will be a huge step in making the place more professional so people actually want to train there. I am thinking of nailing sections of plywood on the walls so that we can drill in some bouldering problems eventually. Space heater will help with the cold as well as the wall liner we are going to staple up. There is so much to do in there and most of it would take me too long to start on my own because I have been working on the site development and affiliation issues. If anyone wants to help out we could plan a day for it and really get the place set up, it would allow training here in Manchester for all kinds of crowds and would be available 24 hours. Email me or comment with any thoughts, please.


BamBam said...

Ladies feel free to comment on Ben's amazing candy time, bad ass MMA pic, and stunning good looks. Mike we know how you feel you don't have to post a comment.

Grinster said...

Nice time Ben. Ross I'll be in Nashua Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 will you be in the area? I'd like to see the gym and maybe get a workout in if you're around.

SRD said...

Hey, Chase, sorry it took me a bit to get back to you but I got really sick over the weekend. I am not sure yet about tomorrow but give me a call when you are on your way up and we will see whats going on.