''Front Squat 5-5-5+ & White'' (11.09.2011)

Warm-up Drills (11.09.2011)
Run 800m
''Burgener Drill'' (3Rnds/PVC)
9 Fundamentals x 5 reps each (45lbs)
-Shoulder Opening Drill
-ITB Stretch
-Scorpion Stretch
-Calf/Soleus Stretch

''Front Squat 5-5-5+'' (11.09.2011)
Work through the following sets of Front Squats using the percentage based sets outlined below. To determine loads multiply 1RM by .9 with percentages being derived from the resulting number.
The final set is a ''+'' set which means each athlete will attempt to execute as many additional repetitions as possible beyond the initial single rep.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 50% (warm-up)
3 x 60% (warm-up)
5 x 65%
5 x 75%
5+ x 85%

Notes:1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

''White'' (11.09.2011)
Complete 5 Rounds for time of
3 x Rope Climbs
10 x Toes-2-Bar
21 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45lbs)
Run 400m

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ashley White, 24, of Alliance, Ohio, assigned to the 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, North Carolina National Guard, based in Goldsboro, North Carolina, died on October 22, 2011 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device. She is survived by her husband Captain Jason Stumpf, her parents Robert and Deborah, brother Josh, and sister Brittney.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (11.09.2011)
''Tempo 80-85%,RPE 15-17''
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
SC: 25 Minutes
LC: 50 Minutes
U: 70 Minutes

Post distances/split times to comments.


Meg said...

Front Squat 65 x 8
White 33:07 rx'd

Filipe said...

Front Squat 175lb x 5

Anonymous said...

Front Squat 155# x 7
White: 32:28
body rows/leg lifts


callie said...

front squat 165x7
other thing 21:00 (3 rounds)

Mtn Rob said...

Front squat 180x4
white: 47:25 (5 Rounds)
PU's, Leg lifts, 45lb OWL's

Peter said...

Front Squats 125x 9

45:12 - 4 rounds only;
35# OH Lunges
3 rnds with rope climbs, 1 with 30 pullups.....then epic fail.

RIP Lt. White.

Alison said...

Front Squat 5-5-5+
5 rounds

thammond18 said...

Front Squat...185x10

0 said...

"Front Squat 5,5,5+"
Warm-up Sets: 100x5, 125x5, 150x5
Working Sets: 160x5, 185x5, 210x13

5 Rounds for Time
3 x Rope Climbs
10 x Toes 2 Bar
21 x Walking Lunges 45#
Run 400m (Treadmill @ Incline of 7)


We've got the watch LT.


Joshua said...

Front Squat 5,5,5+

Everglades 2.0
3 Rounds + 300meters(run)

Anonymous said...

Front Squat 70 1 rep max
White 23:34 MOD 2Rnds

Matt said...

215lbs x 7
White: 32:xx

Mike M said...


Traps said...

White 30:04


Mint said...

Front Squat...140x9
White...26:14 rx