Open Gym (11.12.2011)

Open Gym (11.12.2011)
CFNH will be available to it's athletes today from 9-11am for Open Gym training.

''No, I don’t like work.
I had rather laze about and think of all the fine things that can be done.
I don’t like work—no man does—but I like what is in the work,—the chance to find yourself.
Your own reality—for yourself, not for others—
what no other man can ever know.''
--Marlow, Heart of Darkness


SRD said...

Those that are currently borrowing from the Samy Library's Nutrition Section could you please return your checked out books by Monday/ASAP so We would appreciate being able to reference/use them for our Paleo Nutrition 30 Day Challenge 2.0 Class which kicks off this Tuesday evening!

0 said...

Someone tell Dan to put some clothes on.

Anonymous said...

I was born naked and I like to live naked also.