Before we dive into the training the fighters did, I would like to make a quick note about the "comments" tool problem:
A couple of you sent me e-mails about a problem with the "comments" feature at the bottom of each post. I tinkered around with some of the settings to try and fix this issue, and I think everything should be fine now. Please let me know if there continues to be an issue. Now we move on to the good stuff...

Fighter Scores:
Crossfit Endurance Run for total distance/ "Chipper" for total time
Ben: 1.07mi / 10:31
Sam: 1.02mi / 9:52
Dimitri: 0.99mi / 18:33
Nuri: 0.90mi / 20:08
Tyler: o.82mi / 13:02

MMA Team Training Details and Notes
Tonight was a great time, and not just for me. I was priveledged to watch the team overcome every challenge that faced it tonight, and there is nothing more motivating than witnessing pain and suffering in those you care about right before they rise to victory.
We also had a new potential member who had to leave right after the warm-ups, but he is doing some damage while rolling with other team memebers despite being very young in comparison. Welcome, John, and I hope to see you conditioning with us soon.

Note: I want to give everyone the chance to read the source of the first five drills I have been working into every session of training. This article is another awesome resource that Crossfit Journal was good enough to provide for your benefit without asking anything in return.
"The Burgener Warm-up"
For the training details listed below I used the actual descriptions that Coach Burgener used in his article and that these movements are widely known as. Previously I used the descriptions that I tagged them with so I could understand things easier. I will do my best in the future to adhere to the terminology most commonly used for your ease in case you want to persue resources on related material.

Warm-ups/Skill Work 3 rounds of the following
"Burgener Style" Drills (with dowels) x 3 reps each
-Down and up
-Elbows high and outside
-Muscle Snatch
-Snatch Land
-Snatch Drop
-Hang Power Snatch
-Overhead Squat
.25mi Run (1%inc)
After completion of 3 rounds take a 2:00 break for recovery and water

Conditioning Part I: Crossfit Endurance
Running work/rest @ 1:1 ratio
Minimum 1% incline
2 Rounds of the following with a 2:00 rest between
1:00 work x rest 1:00 (walking @ 2mph)
:45 work x rest :45
:30 work x rest :30
:15 work x rest :15
Take 5:00 recovery and water break before the next portion

Conditioning Part II: The "Chipper"
Variable weights from 20-35 lbs with the dumbbells, load selected by the fighter
I used the break time to let everyone drink some water and select their weights. This was plenty of time for recovery and also let me run through all the movements and check form with each fighter individually. Watching for signs of extreme fatigue or dehydration can be exhibited by someone who may make technical errors in movement that is not normal for their level of proficiency.
Perform 25 reps of each movement for total time
-Box Jumps (24'')
-Burpees with claps
-Dumbbell Thrusters
-Clapper Push-ups
-Dumbbell Push press
-Turkish Get-ups (holding single dumbbell)

Notes on how to perform or administer Part I:
For this part of the workout each fighter hopped on their treadmill and zeroed it out. When I gave them the signal they all started their movement at 2mph and put the incline setting at 1%, this is when I started the clock. I let them walk for 1:00 before they broke into the first round to make sure everything was set and I had a good time going. For the entire workout I had the time under my control, allowing speed to be the sole responsibility of the fighter. When I said "Work!" they responded by accelerating to the max speed they could use to cover as much distance in the time allotted. I would notify them that it was recovery time by yelling out "Break!". Upon hearing this the fighters would hop onto the side rails of the treadmill, put speed back to 2mph, and start a slow walk while catching their breath.
At the end of the workout I took the amount of time they spent at 2mph and calculated how far they covered at the walk pace and subtract this from the total distance covered in the two rounds (even if they want to jump off and get water they will leave the treadmill running at 2mph so it continues keeping track of total distance). It came out to 10 total minutes of work and 12 minutes of rest/recovery. I just wanted to let you know so you can have an easier way to perform Crossfit Endurance workouts on treadmills and score yourself accurately (for workouts that have specific time domains for work and rest)


Melissa Urban said...

Sam, the "chipper" workout looks good... but the KB coach in me can't let the inclusion of TGUs slide.

The Turkish get-up is not a speed drill, and as such, doesn't belong in a met-con. (Especially not at the end!) The extreme core tension and whole-body muscle recruitment required does not lend itself to a high number of reps performed in a very quick fashion.

Put the TGU at the beginning of a workout - as a warm-up, or a skills drill. Use heavy weight and perform the movement under very high tension, for 3-5 reps per side. Feel free to switch sides after every rep, to ensure good form.

Let me know when you have time and I'll come down and run your boys through some KB work, including the TGU.

SRD said...

Hey! Where the hell have you been! I'm drowning in code over here...haha, thanks for commenting it makes my day to get those messages.

The only reason I call it a turkish get-up is because that would be the closest thing that I have to relate it to. It is actually performed pretty fast and nothing like the Kettlebell turkis-get-up or the BB one. The reason I have it there is because they already spent time on their faces and they needed to be put on their back in a way that would take them there fast and force them to recover and gain feet again even faster.

It is an awesome gym down there in Nashua and I love how we have it to ourselves but there are still things missing that I get stuck working around, if the team came to the garage gym and trained they would be doing one part of a positioning drill followed by aclean to front squat and shoulder sort of deal.

Let me know when you want to get together to work on any of the stuff you mentioned awhile ago and I can show you to see if you have something better that fits in conventional facility a bit more. I am sure you have some kettlebell magic tricks to share... and as soon as I make enough money to actually trade you for the skills you would give these guys we will have to raincheck, but don't worry it shouldn't be too long the way things are going now.

Anonymous said...

Mike and I were very impressed with what we saw yesterday. As usual your attention to detail is top notch. We are looking foward to setting up a Law Enfrocement class as soon as possible.