Thursday's MMA Team Training

MMA Team Training
Tonight we will be introducing the Concept 2 rowing machines into our training. The links below have been provided to will anyone that wants it a greater in-depth understanding of rowing and the technique involved. We will be placing a lot of emphasis on the rower this month because it will become a crucial staple in training for upcoming fights. I can not state enough how useful this tool is in conditioning from head to toe as well as learning and reinforcing the basics of biomechanical efficiency, which is directly applicable to every movement you will experience in training. Generating the most power, the most efficient way, over various time demands should be a goal for every fighter (sound familiar? re-read the Crossfit definition of training and fitness concepts for comparison) The first link is a free article from the Crossfit Journal (one of many available to you for free that cover rowing, I will introduce more as we make some headway with this skill) and the second is from the source: c2 Rowing USA (their getting started page is chock full everything needed to learn and develop your rowing ability).
Crossfit Journal Article: Rowing Technique by Angela Hart http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/50_06_Rowing_Technique.pdf
Concept 2's Getting Started Resource Page: http://www.concept2.com/us/training/gettingstarted.asp

Below are the details of tonights training session which will take place after I present a short discussion on the components of the rower and the fundamental technique involved in using it.

Warm-up and skill development
(fighters will be broken into two or more groups)
Group I: Burgener warm-up drills with the added movements from last session. They will be posted for reference. 3 reps per movement for 3 total sets with :15-:30 seconds rest between sets
Group II: 5:00 row on while attempting to maintain the best and most efficient form based on the initial instruction. There are only two rowers which will let us take a good look at form and technique, I taught myself from the articles and videos from Crossfit and Concept 2 so I remember exactly what made the difference and I will do my best to make sure everyone has a solid grasp of how to execute this movement safely and efficiently. Groups rotate and repeat the process for as many rotations as are needed for everyone to get some hands on rowing instruction.
(We will also use multiple groups for the two portions of the training listed below to keep things within our time constraints and there will be a short 3-5:00 break between Part I and Part II for recovery and water.)
The Workouts
Part I: Crossfit Endurance Training
6 x 250m rowing with :45 seconds rest between sets (hard effort but not so maximal you can't maintain the fundamentals that were previously covered. The goal is for you to maintain the times you score to within :03 seconds of each other. This will show you how well you can handle the intervals, if you begin to see an increase in the time it takes you tom complete the 250m then you are not being alloted enough time to recover and we will adjust the rest intervals as needed. This will give us a bit of rowing data for future training and scaling of workloads where the c2 rower is involved.
Part II: Scaled "Fran"
Tonight you will be introduced to one of the simplest and most brutal training workouts that Crossfit has to offer.
3 rounds for time of 21-15-9 reps of
-Barbell Thrusters (65-75lbs)
-Bodyweight Pull-ups (assisted if necessary)
(Note: If you were to perform this straight off the mainsite you would use a 95-lb barbell, but for now I will be giving you either a 65lb or 75lb loaded barbell based on your scores from the "Fight Gone to Hell" night and how well you maintained your form and reps over the course of each round. When it comes to scaling I want you to understand that it should never be a matter of pride, it is a matter of being professional and caring about the welfare of those that I am instructing which drives me to ensure that safety is a priority before you go all nuts with intensity. Keep in mind that you will also make better and faster gains by slowly collecting all this data from the training, nothing says things can't be scaled the other way, just so you know.)
Skills and Technique Training
Nuri will take you guys into your MMA Technique and drilling portion of the session as soon as you are ready and recovered. The last thing that needs to not be overlooked is a 10 minute cooldown session at the end of training following the protocol I laid out with you from last week. The very last thing for the evening will be sets of neck strength bridges which Nuri will lead everyone through. A strong neck keeps you from getting knocked out, it has nothing to do with your goddamn "chin".
Don't forget to wish the guys that are fighting this weekend goodluck
I wish I could go support them but I will be at the Crossfit Cert in Boston trying to absorb more knowledge for our Savages.
I hope you guys collect some heads


BamBam said...

I will post the scores later as I am curently at work but one thing we need to adress and maybe you have some sugestions. We have a serious lack of pullup bars and if we want to do these things as a team we will need to solve this or save the pull up routines for individual/home work outs.

SRD said...

I sent the reply to this in the email so I appologize for leaving the question open ended for so long. We are currently working on getting a welder to make a pull-up frame for inside the MMA Section of the gym, that way we can just drag whatever barbells or other stuff we need in there. A priority is also making this something that we could take apart and move if necessary, there is a good Crossfit Article about it and I will cover it more in detail later. To put in prespective though I want you to think about how much more fun we could have training if we brought a pull-up frame with us outside or to a park with some other equiptment this coming spring or summer. I know that I had a great time and so did the other Crossfitters that met up at Greeley last summer and ripped up "Fight Gone Bad" with Melissa's huge speaker system and a full array of equiptment we all brought with us. Once the wod was done we all worked out getting a muscle up from rings someone hung from a tree. Sicky sick. (For the mothers out there that translates to "Neat!" or "Cool!")

BamBam said...

modified Fran Times from Last night.
Mike 3:10
Ben 3:31
Sam 3:50
Nuri 4:16

I told them to record there own 20min distance trial, because I had to go back to work.