Training Tonight and Critical Developments

There is basically no end to the amount of news involving both the "Savage Society" website and it's progress in becoming the Crossfit NH affiliate that I want to fill everyone in on. To show you how fast things have been moving I am going to try and put down a brief little summary of all the top critical things that have happened since Sunday morning. Keep in mind that Sunday was about 60 hours ago from the time that I am trying to write this e-mail, I hope I can ignore my inbox and phone long enough to finish this part of the post

Sunday morning there was snow coming down, it was freezing, and I was driving like I was possessed on my way into Boston. I could not stop analyzing everything that was going on and wondering what was ahead of me for the day. It must sound extreme but honestly I have never really been to that kind of environment before.
Yes, I am trying like hell to get this training and lifestyle, that has been so profound for me to explore, out to all the different groups of family and friends that I am passionate about sharing it with.
Until Sunday part of me still felt that this website and what I was doing with it was something going on "next to" and "close to" but never really touching the huge communities like Crossfit (that are so critical in providing the content that I collect and provide).

Well, the days of us being a parabola to the x and y axis of the true community out there is over. I feel like I just jumped through a glass window because many of my subconscious assumptions have been shattered. Why? Because I just drove into Boston, met a boatload of people that were as passionate about all this stuff as me, found that they are learning a curriculum for teaching that covers all the stuff that I get stressed I might forget and leave out...I could go on all day. I met some great people, and my e-mail inbox has been filled with kick ass notes and responses about what I am trying to do with the site and the affiliate here.

Being alone can suck, especially in any endeavor that involves a jump into freefall with no chute (I think starting a business is a perfect fit for this analogy). I happened to take a look around during this freefall and happened to notice that some people were following me off the cliff. My first response to this was,
"Oh, shit. Now when they liquify on impact it's going to be my fault."

Since that original look-around things have done nothing but improve. Now I have gained a great deal of insight into the world of Crossfit and how it teaches everyday people the things they need to basically become Ninja's of athletic feats. Putting things in an order and system makes me happy inside because now I have a real foundation that everyone could draw out on paper and understand. I have been doing this stuff and developing all these things in myself for years, and now I can spend almost no time in comparison giving the basics of the same skills to everyone else. My response has turned into,
"Hell yes..."

Continuing my story: After drilling repetitions for a few hours on the fundamental movements (while memorizing faces, styles of instruction, names, and personality dispositions) I drove home in a deep haze of introspection. I felt like I could throw up I was so excited.
I feel bad that poor Emily must witness all this mayhem, she must debate calling professional help with how enthusiastic I can get.
Arriving at home I decided to call "Jefe", who is a Police Officer here in NH and one of my best friends, and we were like giddy children for an hour on the phone talking about what as going on and the next steps to take. I was scribbling stuff on my dry-erase boards faster than ever before, again things were ovewhelming and crushing my mind but to be honest this is becoming quite a good feeling.
Before Jefe's wife suplexes him I let him go to dinner and bear-crawl merrily into my office to continue working.
Checking my e-mail revealed a contact for Marine Corps Captain Chris Toomey.

Flashback Explanation before I continue:
While Nuri and the MMA Team are the center of the storm for running Crossfit and related training in Nashua (I have been brainwashing Nuri and the fighters for years now) Jefe, Toomey, and a few other Police Officers are part of the maelstrom here in Manchester. I have been working hard to get things with the site and the garage to a point that would make it easy for these guys to just jump right into everything whenever they were ready. Toomey finished a Level 1 cert for Crossfit a week or so ago even though he is a full time Captain at Quantico's OCS (Marine Corps School for leadership and Officer training in Virginia), Jefe and the other Cops involved work the night shift and have been spending their daytime hours in training evolutions or at courthouses. It was my intent from the start to bring things to a level that would let everyone become a component of this without stressing them out.
This became a responsibility that I took very seriously because these guys were too exhausted to work on this effort but they were still calling be from cruisers at 2:00am to find out how things were going and let me know what their scores were on recent WOD's. My education and the website have been in development since.

After the bear crawl and reading the e-mail I find out exactly how ready Toomey, Jefe and the rest of their crew are. I let them know that I am ready for explosive demolitions in the garage for the next stage of construction and fill them in on what is going on around here and get some amazing input. Things are rapidly moving forward.

Fast forward to the next morning and I am working on the site again while replying to a bunch of e-mails from some new Crossfit friends around the country (and Canada, hell yeah Tyler). I am clicking on the Charlotte Level 1 Certification for December 20 over and over because it says sold out and that frustrates me because it would be the soonest Certification that I could attend with convenience (my grandfather lives in Myrtle Beach and visiting him always seems to top my list of "great times", I can learn more from dinner with this guy than anyone else I have ever met). I don't care what religion you are but I am pretty sure there was intervention on some greater-than-human-level about to happen, my official guess is Zeus.

"Click," registration full. "Click," registration full. "Click," registration full...
"Click"--registration page pops up as available.
HOLY SH*%! Ok, wait... I won't have enough money saved even if I stop paying my bills this second ... umm ... even if I stop paying my other bills right this second.

I make a nervous, pleading phone call and "someone" who has always supported me no matter what lets me borrow the money to get certified. I think to myself that he probably has been peeking at the site and watching what I have been doing this whole time, because to put up that kind of money means that you must have a great deal of faith in person you are giving it to. This honors me and only adds to the fuel driving my desire to see things here succeed soon so that I can clear my name by reimbursing him.
What does all this mean to the Savage Society? Right now my freefall has a target in its decent, and will involve smashing through one of the biggest obstacles slowing us down.
This happened Monday morning and to be honest things haven't slowed down since. I could keep going but I need to post some other critical points of information for people and then get to work building the leader board page. Below is the recap so everyone can reflect and consider themselves spun-up in regards to all the diverse regions of the Savage Society.
1. Nuri and the Nashua Facility are running very well
2. I have now received a great deal of instruction with developing fundamental Crossfit abilities and concepts
3. Because of Crossfit Boston and the quality of the people I met there I was allowed to learn and experience a broad spectrum of things in their facility related to everything I am currently doing. Thanks again.
4. The Marine and State Trooper crew is working itself into a fury of excitement because they are about to join the efforts here full speed.
5. Toomey is already a certified Crossfit Instructor and in 11 days I hope do be able to say the same about myself.
6. I am now addicted to taking chances and jumping off cliffs.

New Hampshire Crossfitters
There are two people that have been more than critical in the progression of things that I want make a formal note about, this way everyone will understand when and why I talk about them. I linked to a page awhile ago by someone called Melissa Byers and she was amazingly helpful when I still had no idea how to manipulate this html code (it still feels like I am using a sledgehammer to attain the results of a keyboard). She is a Crossfit certified kettlebell instructor and was the drive behind our little "Fight Gone Bad for fun" event during the summer at Greeley Park in Nashua. That was the first time I actually ever met any other Crossfitters in the flesh, even my Mom and sister came by to watch.

David Sailor is also a level 1 Certified Crossfit instructor and has been a huge supporter of my efforts since my first post. I seek his input in almost everything involving content and curriculum because he really knows his stuff. I hope to hell I can be as nuts and fit as him when I decide to become at adult. He has three daughters that are really into soccer and it turns out that starting last year he brought Crossfit training to their teams with great success. Starting tomorrow night I get to join his efforts to forge elite little soccer tornadoes out of children and if the girls decide I am worth my weight I will be walking away with the title "Coach Sam". There are more efforts that David has helped with than I could possibly begin to list and I hope in the future that he continues to influence this site and us in greater detail.
This is an e-mail he sent out to his soccer players and their parents today to give you an idea of how he has been working quietly behind the scenes during breaks between his real job and doing L-sit rope climbs in his basement.

"...it will not be as difficult as last week. You have a tournament this weekend so it doesn't make sense to have you hobbling on the field.
Please bring your Level 1 and 2 sheets and a jump rope. We will be using the rope this week.
To get an idea of what this training is based on, please visit:
The left hand toolbar has some great resources, especially with "What is Crossfit", "FAQ", and "Start Here". If you have a minute, review what Tuesday's workout is, "Annie". I'm willing to bet you will see some version of this tomorrow.
With me tomorrow will be Coach Sam who is going to be a part of our fitness training. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and he will be a great addition to the fitness training. I am very excited to have Sam involved, the ideas he can bring to the team will be invaluable.
Coach Sam will be establishing a Crossfit gym in Nashua where we intend to relocate the training sessions.
We have been discussing having a separate class for any parents interested in doing a similar type of workout, scaled to the parent's needs and abilities.
Don't worry, you won't be going head to head with your daughter!
If interested or if you have questions, please let me know." -David Sailor

Thanks, David, I am honored to know that someone would describe me in that way and I can't wait to get to work with the team.


The MMA Team needs to bring shoes that they are comfortable running in for tonight. I apologize for not posting the workout plan and schedule (which I intend to always do) but there are too many other things I need to post first for priority. I will add the workout tonight when I get home as well as all the results. For those that are trying to understand the rotation that the sessions for the fighters follow please see previous posts. I explained the workouts covered so far and how I try to adjust the stimulus objectives and skill development emphasis each and every session. I am doing this with the handicap of still working out scheduling details between Nuri and the Team (mostly because I want the fighters to feel fresh every time they get together and to keep them from 4 hour marathon training sessions) but I will make progress on that front tonight.

Nuri is going to be fighting in January.
He notified me of this on Friday and I immediately sent him and e-mail full of homework for him so he can give me a boatload of data about his current status. I will use all this information (an example would be him giving me a record of his heart rate, taken each morning before he sits up in bed for five consecutive days) to provide a detailed training and progression schedule for him to use in his preparation. I will work with him 1 on 1 to develop new skills so that his training can become even more effective, and to provide the scrutiny that single client sessions allow to keep his intensity through the roof. Keeping him injury free and feeling "fresh" is also a primary concern and I will always consider those as primary determinants when working with him. I have worked with him before for fights (once he only let me know that he had 17 days to lose 20 lbs or so...asshole) but I want to see if he will let me post his progress up here so you guys can see what goes into training for an upper tier Professional MMA Fight. This is Nuri's life and respect for his professional fight career is something I hold in the highest esteem, I hope he allows the rest of the Savage Society a glimpse into what being in his head is like.

Note: I haven't spoken with Jefe since last night be he was interested in coming down to check the place out, so we might have a guest or two. I am working with him to get the Police Officer training group together this week and we are in the logistical aspect of that which is very exciting.


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