Team Results and Other News

Thursday Night Results and Scores
Nuri and I are working to modify the MMA Team training plan. We definitely took note that there was too much going on as far as learning and training for the fighters to handle in marathon single sessions so we will be trying as best as possible to split up his specific MMA training portion and my conditioning portion. Because of this the rowing part of Tues was scrapped until this coming week (also because I need to replace the batteries in the PM 1's--I think that is the model?) and I scaled down the Fran portion from what I listed because when I went down there and did their workout as a dry run prior to class (I always try and do this) I found that it would be much harder on them because they essentially had to do pull-ups by fingertip grip only. Ben mentioned it in the comments but in case you missed it we are working hard to build a Pull-up structure to accommodate our training. I am still waiting for the guys to e-mail their 20:00 time trials to me which they did after the Fran portion. Congratulations to Mike on his first win, maybe we should all start eating more fried hamburger topped in gummi bears.

Scaled Fran: 3 rounds of 15-12-9 reps for time of
-Thrusters (65lb barbell)
1. Mike 3:10*
2. Sam 3:50
3. Nuri 4:16
21-15-9 rep rounds and the same lb load
1. Ben 3:31
Ben did a different run workout than the time trial because I already had enough information for him to dive right into a Crossfit Endurance Running Program. While I am not following the exact outline I gave him a staple session based off of the 50 mile race prep regimen that was part of an article I read covering the efficacy of this "New World Order for Running". It bears note that any time I have people on treadmills they are putting a minimum of a 1% incline in the machine.
Ben's run workout was 1000m run (as fast as you can go without slowing or stopping for that distance) x 2:00 recovery for 4 total sets. The rest portion is similar to what you would see on the main Crossfit Endurance website for runs involving intervals of this length, but if Ben was unable to score maintain all his scores within a :30 second spread then I would have him start to increase his rest. I learned to do this just by following the CFE program for both running and rowing, for low volume it yields massive dividends.

The Savage Society "Library"
This is an idea that I have been playing with recently and I think I figured out how to do it. There are tons of resources out there that are at the peak of the fields they represent but unfortunately the world runs based on a money system and things are going to cost you to subscribe or buy. A lot of us have already been down this road before and while I highly recommend many of the sources I put up in the links section and cite articles from (I will also point out any that I think suck and why) I don't want people running out and spending their money if they can't afford it. I still maintain my original desire to have this site provide a very open and accepting community where a mutual thirst for knowledge can be something that benefits us all. I am going to put up a simple list of all the books, journal articles, and online subscriptions I believe are the best out there when it comes to resources and tools for advancing our understanding in the many disciplines we cover.

I don't want to get sued right off the bat here so I hope we aren't doing anything wrong, but as long as I don't republish and make these resources available to free to everyone I think putting up a list is a safe start. When you are moving about all the webpages and resources I have posted and you come upon a referral or citation that is new to you and you don't have then check the list, if the item is on there then I will most definitely make arrangements to get together with you so you can access this "library" and learn without going broke. To keep the sources happy I will also put up whatever links they have that brings you to their portal for purchasing whatever product they happen to provide.

In addition to all this I would like other people to add to our little library/reading list and to keep things very clear I will notate the name of the Savage who is providing the resource and the necessary contact information to get in touch with them (you can always e-mail me to ask questions about anything on the site or post in the "comment section" under each topic). I think this will end up being something that benefits most of the people producing products that require subscriptions or purchase because the majority of what I am putting up will be very affordable (a year subscription to Crossfit Journal is $25 and the Performance Menu from Catalyst Athletics is $29.95 which is NOTHING compared to the wealth of knowledge and training information both provide).

I am working on this project as we speak so look for it in the right side column among our various link categories. This brings me to something else I wanted to make clear, if anyone thinks there is some website or journal article out there that needs to be in any of the linked sections then send me the site and after I review it and find it of value then I will put it up. I am really pushing to have everyone play an active role in contributing to the content here, it will benefit our little community in ways we can't even think of yet.

Other News
I have a huge number of topics to post but I really want to get back to studying for the Level 2 Cert in Boston tomorrow. I hope we can make an excellent first impression with the world class coaches and instructors there (both from Crossfit's staff and the Crossfit Boston Affiliate's Staff). I am planning on absorbing and learning a lot which I will post as soon as I get back.

I wanted to say hello and welcome to some of our new members, Janet Bartolo being among them. The response we have been getting continues to improve, the more feedback I get the better I can make this site for you so keep it coming.

Upcoming Topics
-New links and highlights from what they bring to the table
-Crossfit's nine fundamental movements and how we are going to tackle them
-New journal and articles added
-Why are we training Olympic lifts? I will explain and cover questions in detail.
-Current programs, articles, and items I am studying and working on that you can expect to hear about
-David Sailors home gym pictures and description (if he lets me, I want to show you what we can build with limited resources...this is the mecca of training "man towns")
-Catalyst Athletics and how to use video footage of your technique to get detailed pointers from them (they do it free), which is another reason for why I try and record all our training sessions

17 Days until John comes home


BamBam said...

I just realized that my score should reflect the 21-15-9 version. I did mine separately from every one else so I forgot it was supposed to be 15-10-5

BamBam said...

Nice Savage logo. I'm training to fight sword wielding skeletons. kind of a ka-winky-dink

SRD said...

How come you can spell ka-winky-dink correct but when you want to use words like sure you end up making them look like "shur"?

BP said...

Nice blog man. . . Just saw the link from Melissa's page. Glad to see you guys are up and running.
Good luck with everything!

I look forward to following along

SRD said...

Hey Brandon, hows it going? I haven't seen you since the summer at Greeley. I hope you are slaughtering dudes if you had any fights recently, let me know if you want to come train anytime. It would be fun as hell to have a group of people that we know get together just to have some fun and train. Let me know if you think there is something I can do to make the site better as far as providing resources, layout, or whatever. I am glad you finally found your way here, you know what you are doing so feel free to take any of the wods and submit scores to rank against the fight time. The more competition the better.