''Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter II'' (03.26.7010)

Stable News:
Saturday night Nuri is going into battle. Anyone who would like to attend the event with us is welcome to join in the festivities.
We are meeting at the gym around 5pm for those that want to travel with us and grab some nourishment before the sanctioned violence kicks off (@ the Milford Dome).
Indy and Khan have been kind enough to organize some dinner reservations, please email nick@newenlgandfma.com and let them know if you are planning on feeding with the pack.

Warm-up Drills (03.26.7010)
Row 750m
2 Rounds of
7 x Deadhang Pull-ups
7 x Burpees
Shoulder Opening Drill
Warm-up sets/reps as needed to prepare for movements/loads chosen for the WOD.

''Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter II'' (03.26.7010)
With a 10 minute running clock take as much weight from ground to overhead as possible. You may select a weight of 65,95,115,135 or 155lbs to use, any variation of clean and jerk/press or snatch is acceptable (as long as the load moves from ground to overhead). Once time expires take the amount of reps completed and multiply by the weight chosen to determine score.

Post loads chosen, lifting method, and total lbs to comments.

Compare to performances from:
Choose Your Own Adventure (02.05.2010)

Skill Development (03.26.7010)
Accumulate 120 seconds of Ring Support in as few sets as possible.
Rest as needed.
Accumulate 45 seconds of L-sit in as few sets as possible.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (03.26.7010)
''12 x :20 Sprints''

Swim: 12 x :20 sec sprints. 2 minute recoveries.
Bike: 12 x :20 sec sprints. 2 minute recoveries.
Run: 12 x :20 sec sprints. 2 minute recoveries.
C2: 12 x :20 sec sprints. 2 minute recoveries.

Notes: Come into each :20 interval at pace/stride. Each interval should be a complete max effort from start to finish (build up speed in the last seconds of your recovery time).

Post distances to comments.


Anonymous said...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter II

49 reps with 95# (4655 total)


mtn Rob said...

74 rep with 65lbs (4810 total)

Anonymous said...

130 Reps with 65lbs (8,450)

Still wiped out 4 hours later...


Anonymous said...

"Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter II"

155lbs x 54 Reps = 8370lbs total.


Anonymous said...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter II
115lbs x 61 reps =7015lbs total


Anonymous said...

And that was Clean and Jerk for the WOD
Skill: 2 min Ring Support...3 sets
45sec. L Sit...2 sets


Anonymous said...


-Mighty Mouse

Andrew said...

I think 56 reps.

2 mins of ring supports and 45 sec of L sits. and a couple handstand push ups. Getting there still have alot of work.

Andrew said...

at 95lbs

The Don said...

Whos mighty Mouse?

Walter said...

91 reps @ 65# = 5915

Ring Support 30/40/40/20
L-Sit 30/20 - bent knees

Anonymous said...

72 reps @95 lbs 6,840 power snatch


87 reps @65lbs 5,655 clean and jerk