''Helena'' (03.17.7010)

Warm-up Drills (03.17.7010)
Row 750m
''Shoulder Mobility Drill''
2 Rounds of
5 x Shoulder Pole Press (PVC)
5 x Shoulder Dislocates (PVC)
''Snatch Balance/Sots Press Drills''
3 Rounds of
3 x Heaving Snatch Balance (45lbs/PVC)
3 x Overhead Squats (45lbs/PVC)
3 x Sots Press (45lbs/PVC)

Notes: The links found below are to video demonstrations of the Shoulder Mobility Drill, Heaving Snatch Balance, and Sots Press.
Shoulder Mobility Drill
Heaving Snatch Balance
Sots Press
Go slow and easy through the shoulder mobility drills, especially if they are new to you.
The ''Snatch Balance/Sots Press Drills'' should be done with PVC before moving up to a 15lb or 45lb barbell.
Take as much rest as needed between movements/rounds.

''Helena'' (03.17.7010)
Complete 3 Rounds for time of
400m Run
12 x Overhead Squat (95lbs/65lbs)
21 x GHD Sit-ups

Post times to comments.

Skill Development (03.17.7010)
5 Rounds for time of
2 x Muscle-ups
12 x Hammer Strikes(Non-dominant)
12 x Hammer Strikes (Dominant)
2 x Tire Flips

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (03.17.7010)
''Tempo 85%, RPE 16''
Swim: SC: 12min, LC: 15min, U: 35min
Bike:SC-LC 60min, U: 80min
Run: SC: 20min, LC: 30min, U: 60min
C2: 25min

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Anonymous said...

24:10 run, 45# overhead squat x 21, abmat situps x 35. three rounds

Big Ben said...

21:59 rx

Anonymous said...

I'll be back..

Tall Matt

mtn Rob said...

27:28 45lb overhead squat x 18, abmat with 20lb med ball x 21 3 rds
14:42 skill dev. 5 pullups and 5 ring dips instead of muscle ups

Anonymous said...

16:04 45lbs @ 18 Reps and Rx'd for other.

Anonymous said...


13:29 Rx'd


Anonymous said...


12:17 Rx'd


Andrew said...

12:35 at 45lbs

Anonymous said...

13:40 rx'd


17:48 @65lbs


Derek Puzzanghera said...


23:19 air squats
no medicine ball for sit-ups

Anonymous said...

wod modified slightly
instead of overhead squats i subbed front squats @95lbs. (bad shoulder)the rest of the wod was as rxd.

time 18:36
skills development with flak jacket:
5 pullups 5 ring dips times 2
hammer strikes as rx'd for 5 rounds!!
Nice work Don Pepe
time 18:20


Nick said...

Helena as Rx'd


Skill Development as Rx'd



Walter said...

Overhead Squats - 65#

Modified Muscle-ups

Anonymous said...

Rx'd 14:51