The Coveted Rest Day (07.10.2009)

The Coveted Rest Day (07.10.2009)

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.10.2009)

''Heavy Tosh'': Complete your choice of the following for time
Swim: 10lbs vest or weight, 3 Rounds of (50m/y + 100m/y + 200m/y)
Bike: 30lbs vest 3 Rounds of ( 1/2mile + 1 mile+ 2 mile)
Run: 20lbs vest 3 Rounds of ( 200m + 400m+ 600m)
C2: 20lbs vest 3 Rounds of ( 250m +500m+ 700m)

Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. EX. 200m run in 35 sec. rest 35 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, run 600m, rest 600m time, run 200m, etc.

Post times and loads to comments.

Stable News:
Derek finally came in and sipped the Kool-aid, I've been slowly brainwashing him for months now... Welcome to the family!
Fogle the Original dropped me an email with the lovely picture above hidden inside for our delight. He wanted to tell everyone he sends his cries of CrossFit pain lovingly your way, I can't wait to get him into the new Stable... by then Big Ben should be crushing his brother's scores.


Big Ben said...

Jared that pull up bar is rediculous! a bar with some straps, suprise your not swinging from that thing!

SRD said...

That swinging bar would make it a lot nicer on your hands for kipping pull-ups. Hmmmm, future developmental seeds of thought for the Stable...