Rest Day (07.06.2009)

Rest Day (07.06.2009)

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.06.2009)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
Tempo 90% of your previous best time trial for the prescribed distance.
Swim: 1000m 90%
Bike: 25mi 90%
Run: 2 mi, 10k, or 15k 90%
C2: 5k 90%

Stable News:

Today the Stable got to welcome back Gollum, one of the original madmen that trained with us in the garage when it was still the dirt floor and a basketball filled with sand for wall-ball shots. Yeah, I know how ridiculous that seems looking back.
He's leaving again tomorrow night for some follow on training so I'm opening up the Stable for a special crush-Gollum's-soul festival if anyone wants to drop in for a murderous WOD in the morning.
I'll be there from 8-9 saying thank you to one of CrossFit New Hampshire's inner family the only way we know how...


The Don said...

we have to change the address on the website.
Your a noob

Don Pepe

SRD said...

All set, good looking out, holmes.

Gollum said...

AMRAP 12:00
7x Med Ball Cleans
7x True Pushups

14rds with 3 med ball cleans

It was good to be back, sorry I have to leave so soon.

The Don said...

oh the Seagram's seven for Gollum. Nice Choice.

SRD said...

Twas his first slay fest and his old score was around 6 rounds so it was sick to see him come back and murder it with 14+ Rounds this time, not to mention he did the hardest version of the push-ups as an added tweak.