Deadlift Max Effort Singles (07.21.2009)

Deadlift Max Effort Singles (07.21.2009)
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (07.21.2009)

Stable News:
Don PePe better bring the lumber tomorrow. He's been begging for a shot at a heavy deadlift WOD for months now... Just thought everyone should have that background information, it will make the taunts more understandable to outside observers.
Oh, and that image of Deb where she looks like shes flying over some huge Tonka tire? That was her first successful box jump (20'') and it was absolutely inspiring to watch her stall, fail, trip, and spout profanity for 15 minutes before she finally nailed it.
''OD'': You and your little crew of CrossFitting peers are a constant source of pride and inspiration for all of us, we can't wait to see what obstacles you ruthlessly crush next.

Welcome Notice:
Yesterday we welcomed Dennis into our family of CrossFitters. It was fascinating listening to the stories that come out of his affiliate down in Florida, different teaching styles, backgrounds and passions lend a unique and beautifully different quality to each CrossFitting haven (Garages, basements, and the wilderness are equally as admirable... but we might be biased on that one.)
Dos Deb was kind enough to run her time trial WOD with Dennis, who smoke checked what would be his inaugural WOD.
The next few days are going to be an absolute blast, especially since everyone has been buzzing about the max effort deadlift singles... I wonder if it's excitement or fear? Either way its going to be a hell of a fight.
Glad to have you among us, Dennis, welcome to the family!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to clarify to my fellow cross fitters I never uttered a word of profanity during my many many attempts at trying to get up on that tire........ :)


Anonymous said...


and great job on the 20" jump Deb!!! You ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

To Deb.....awesome job with the 20" jump! You are one determined lady! Cheering for you from Montana! Hello to Samy and the rest of the gang.

Mike Molloy said...

OD that is freaking fantastic work. Determination and persistence will take you much further than 20 inches.


Anonymous said...

Joe F

Big Ben said...



Anonymous said...

Max Deadlift

Mike L.


Anonymous said...

Max Deadlift


Had to go out and buy more weight for up at camp!
Not as much fun doing the WOD by yourself either.


The Don said...

max effort deadlift


Bertimus Aurelius said...

20090717 - Deadlifts



Anonymous said...

max effort deadlifts

Ugh I will slay that ugly dragon the next time
Thanks Jess and Kate for your rocking support. You two are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Max deadlifts.

275/300/325/365/385/405/420f (arched my back so i bailed on 420!)

Billy the Tuff

Matt said...

Max Deadlifts


Swim CSS

4 min on 3 min off
2 min on 30 sec off
1 min on 3 min off
2 min on 30 sec off
4 min on

825 M total

Anonymous said...

Max Deadlift
135/155/185/195/205/225/225 horrible form

Anonymous said...

Max deadlifts


It was great to get into the stable and see everyone again.


katie said...

katie 135 155 175F 165 175F 170F 170F
I guess deadlifts are NOT my bag baby!

jefe' 350 370 385F 385F 375 385 405F

Sweet job today y'all!

Bellerophon said...

Deadlift trial:



Anonymous said...

Mike H

Anonymous said...

i'm practicing my counting before the next WOD - poor Chacha was victim to my inability to add weights

211 said...

Deadlift disaster.

Mike C. 225(10) 275(5) 315(3)
350,370,385F,385F,375F,375F,405(because, why not right....F)

Jill. 65(10) 75(8) 85(6) 95(4) 105(2)
135,185(mathmatical error), 195,205,225f,220f,215f

Mark, thanks for reminding me that at least I ran a decent 5k. Great to have you back around buddy.

Jennifer said...

Max effort deadlifts.


Mike won't let me lift more till I get my form dialed in (which is fair), it's better than before but not great. Did some follow up form work at 185 and 135. Then practiced the snatch grip deadlift at 75.