Snatch n' Run (08.31.2009)

Warm-up Drills (08.31.2009)
Complete the following at your own pace.
Attempt to maintain a steady, unbroken series of Single-unders for each time interval prescribed.
Burgener Drill (PVC)
1:00 Single-unders
Burgener Drill (PVC)
2:00 Single-unders
Burgener Drill (45/25lbs)
3:00 Single-unders

Burgener Warm-up Sequence
i. Down and Up x 3
ii. Elbows High and Outside x 3
iii. Muscle Snatch x 3
iv. Snatch Lands x 3
v. Snatch Drops x 3
vi. Squat Snatch x 3
Sage Burgener Demo Video

Snatch n' Run (08.31.2009)
Five rounds for time of
15 x Power Snatch (95lbs/65lbs)
Run 400 meters
Cathletics Power Snatch Demo Video

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (08.31.2009)
8-4-2 Ladder
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
Swim: 8min of 25yrds on 30 sec, Rest 4min then, 4 min of 25yrds on 30 sec, Rest 2 min then, 2 min of 25yrd on 30 sec.
Bike: 8min of 300m on 30sec, Rest 4 min then, 4 min of 300m on 30 sec, Rest 2 min then, 2 min of 300m on 30 sec.
Run: 8 min of 100m on 30 sec, Rest 4 min then. 4 min of 100m sprints on 30sec, Rest 2 min then, 2 min of 100m sprints on 30 sec.
C2: 8min of 115m on 30 sec, Rest 4 min then, 4 min of 115m on 30 sec, Rest 2 min then, 2 min of 115m on 30 sec.

Notes: There are three rungs on this ladder, 8 minutes, 4 minutes, and 2 minutes. During each time period you are attempting to complete the prescribed distance for that set every :30 seconds, any time left is your rest (just like the pull-up ascension ladder). Rest 4 minutes between rounds 1 and 2, rest 2 minutes between rounds 2 and 3.
It's complicated, I know, but it's also deliciously painful.

Post times to comments.


Paul Kelly said...

Snatch + Run WOD

15 x Power Snatch at 85lbs
Run 400m

5 rounds for time: 20: something.... I didn't get the time on my way out the door..... lol.

HEY JIM - If spinach is a fruit, what's a tomato?? =)


Anonymous said...

Snatch n Run
31:08 @ 95 lbs.


Bert said...

Today might be the day that Bert gets thrown out of the Rec Center, on account that he's moving a barbell to the track upstairs and has been told he's not allowed to do that. I'll kept all you Savages updated, but I'm thinking Katie and RaJ were right in the fact that I won't last longer than a week there.

Anonymous said...


10 min flat as RX'd


Anonymous said...

Whoh ALF!
It must have been from all that "ring work" you did this morning. Good warm up.....

Anonymous said...

Snatch and Run

25:01 at 55 #


Anonymous said...

Joe F
15xpower snatch(75lbs)/400 meter run
28:34/5rounds=5.7 min./round

Bert said...

As I suspected, I got yelled at by the staff. But **** them.


snatches at 85lbs.

Anonymous said...


Snatch (45lbs) x 15/ run 400 meters x 5 rounds
Time 28:05

Tried to keep up with Chris he is a powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

Snatch and Run as RX'd 26:55

Failed miserably at 100M run ladder. Only made 4 runs before missing on time. Finished instead with 15 100M sprints on the minute. Approximate time of :25run/:35rest per round.


Anonymous said...

Snatch and Run

Snatch at 85 lbs Time 25:21


Anonymous said...

5 rounds
15 x snatch @55#/400 m run

Anonymous said...

21:20 85lbs 3 rounds.


katie said...

65 lbs snatch
400 meter run

95 lbs snatch
400 meter run

nice job today everyone. high five

211 said...

snatch n run as rx'd


Great work everyone. Wes and Dennis, it's always great to see you guys around here.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Snatch & Run

28:39 45lbs

I have to really work on the form for this one. Had a hard time with it. Thanks Samy for the reminders on form during the WOD. I will get it eventually

Dos Deb

Anonymous said...

snatch n run
85 LBs 25:13

Anonymous said...

Staci - 32:37 #65