Happy Mother's Day (05.10.2009)

Happy Mother's Day to all our athlete's Mothers.
Love you, Mom.  Hey, wanna come bond with me and help paint the new facility!? 

Back Squats & "The Fogle Shuttle" (05.10.2009)
Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Increase the weight each set until you have reached your 5-rep maximal load.
This is a PR in the same fashion as single and triple rep maximal PR's on similar "Black Box" training days.

Rest as long as necessary between sets to allow for repeated maximal efforts.
Once the Back Squats have been completed take 5-10 minutes to recover and mentally prepare yourself for the rowing WOD.

"The Fogle Shuttle" Rowing WOD
This WOD got it's named because our favorite Sock-Fouler Fogle adored it at first metabolic glance (although I think Mike L. might have a claim on it's surname by holding the "this hurt me the most" card describing his relationship with this metabolic disaster-fest).

This is a slightly different WOD than the original, offering a bit more difficulty to the athlete with a change in objectives.

5:00 Min on x 2:30 Min off
6:00 Min on x 3:00 Min off
7:00 Min on x Coma

Score is total distance covered.

The "Lactate Shuttle" WOD was originally posted on the CrossFit Endurance website and I encourage anyone looking for additional training challenges to start reading their page daily.
I've posted a few images displaying the model for the Lactate Shuttle Hypothesis, this is some really new and fascinating stuff... and the WOD hurts like hell.

I know it might be a little bit late but we are accepting donations to buy Jefe 20-30 sets of "floaties" (aka those inflatable life preservers for kids' arms). We all know how much Zeus likes to play with Jefe's luck and he's spending the weekend slap-fighting a crazed river ... wish him luck.

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Mike Molloy said...
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Mike Molloy said...

This back injury has me kinda pissed off... but I managed to hit up Grace today. Sorry I'm not gonna make it down, but its T minus 22 hours until Jenn defends her thesis!

Anyway, I got 3:14 on Grace

SRD said...

That's sick, tell her I said goodluck and I'm sorry we don't live close enough to come listen and support her.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the support Samy! Hopefully next time I post here I'll be Dr Jenn. This also means that I'll be down with Mike to play in Manchester more often. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


Felt good once I figured out the positioning of the bar and got comfortable. On a more exciting note (to me anyways) apparently in the last month or so I have secretly developed the kipping pull-up. I had no idea I could do one, but I actually did 20.