Max Effort Power Cleans (05.12.2009)

Max Effort Power Cleans (05.12.2009)

Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Make sure you put as much effort and preparation into your warm-up moving into this WOD as you do for the max effort singles.  

Priming your body to perform at maximal exertion is critical to your success.

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Anonymous said...

Warmup: 1500m row 6:42
Fundamentals, Coach B, Pullups, Box jumps, clean sequence(PVC)
Power clean 10 x 95, 8 x 105, 5 x 115, 3 x 125

Workout: Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

135 145F 145F 145F 145 155F 155

Overall it was a good workout, I think the failures at 145 were completely me not being mentally ready for the lift because once I put it up it felt pretty good. Can't wait for the slaughter today.


Anonymous said...

The last 155 was also a F


katie said...

85 95 105 115F 115F 110F 110F
I was so super close to putting up 110...next time folks.

SRD said...

Katie, you were so close to reveling in brains and skull fragments, looks like right now we'll have to settle for contusions and evisceration.

Jennifer said...

did some sets with a pvc pipe then 45, 65, 75, 85 and 95lbs for warm-up.

then power cleans 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

95-95-105-115 (F)-115 (F)- 105 -105

I think I can do 110lbs but don't have the right combinations of weights to try at home yet.


SRD said...

Another reason you need to come visit us Dr. Jenn

Jennifer said...

I'll be back before you know it. Traveling this Sunday but I'll see you at the games... I hear there is a beard sneaking naps on the floor, is this true?

211 said...

Just wanted to take a minute and say how proud I am of ALL our girls. Seeing them progress the way they have over the last few months has been truly inspiring.
Not to follow in D's footsteps but I have to say that I'm so happy for Jill in her progress and pursuit of attaining an elite level of fitness. Prior to crossfitting, like most of the other females that train with us, she hadn't so much as picked up a set of free weights. She is following the zone diet and gives 100% to every workout. I'm really proud of you Jill! Great work.
Power cleans:
Mike: 185,205f,205,215f,215f,215f,215f.
Jill: 95,105f,105,115f,115f,115f,110.

SRD said...

I don't want to follow in Mike or Jefe's shoes but Joe I am really proud of you too.

211 said...

That's why you get the smooches a-hole.
I thought I was safe putting that up on an older post.
You are truly a strange little garage dwelling, bearded little man an I'm proud of you as well

SRD said...

no, no, no, si!

JoeG said...

are we not pack? yes, we howl at the moon!

i'm actually insanely proud of the whole deal. the garage. the people. the attitude. the prodding and joking. the WORK being done. the results.

i'm astounded at the effort and heart being born out.

it's awesome!

who wants to go on a somali cruise?