Max Effort WOD (05.28.2009)

Max Effort WOD (05.28.2009)
Thrusters 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD
10 x Sprints for your choice of
Swim: 20 x 25m/y sprints (no wall starts) x 1:00r
Bike: 8 x 1k sprints x 2:00r
Run: 10 x 100m sprints x 1:30r
C2: 10 x 125m Sprints x 1:00r

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wes hendricks said...

Heavy Jeremy
15-12-9 reps for time of:
Overhead squat, 135 pounds

Time - 12:33

wasted a lot of time dropping the bar and picking it back up. Also probably to soon after the qualifier to be working out, but I can't help it.

wes hendricks said...


My last round of today's WOD. I gotta open my hips more at the top

Mike Molloy said...

Nice work Wes. I'm still feeling last weekend as well.

Thoughts on the WODs for Saturday?

wes hendricks said...

Thanks Mike. Hmmm this weekends WOD's, well I am hoping we are going to get good well rounded workouts. The only thing I can ask for is if they are benchmark WOD's that I PR. I gotta assume that these WOD's are going to have no running involved. More then likely I doubt we will see rowing because of the filming aspect. Also due to the number of submissions headquarters are going to be getting I can't imagine that these workouts are going to be very long due to the fact each person is doing three. Each WOD probably will consist of only two or three movements. I won't be surprised to see burpees and chest-to-bars. And the weights will probably be heavy as well.

Mike Molloy said...

Good point on the Chest to bar pull ups. Samy, what are we gonna do if those come up? Smash our heads through the ceiling? I'm letting you try that one first...

SRD said...

I've got plans, back-up plans, and suicide plans... no worries.

wes hendricks said...

hahaha....Mike I don't think we need to worry about anything. Maybe just be slightly nervous about the suicide plans.

charmel said...

Hey everyone this is Charmel from Crossfit South Brooklyn. Keep up the great work. Sam, you were an excellent judge at the NEQ, and it's clear you're a helluva coach.

Be Well,

SRD said...


It was awesome meeting you and your crew and definitely motivating to watch you guys slug through those WODs, we've still got to finish our conversation sometime so hopefully one of us can make it to the other's box.
Tell everyone down there I said hello and thanks for everything, can't wait to see the Northeast community gather for more insanity sometime soon.


Ranjith said...

135- 155-165(F)-165(F)-160-165(F)-165(F)